The process you take to learn and the time it takes you to absorb the learning is ALL divinely timed dolls. I had an epiphany today and these days that’s a normal occurrence however it was around something pretty heavy. Well actually it was around a few different heavy things. Told you it was a normal occurrence. There’s been several times in my life where I thought I learned something…mastered it even but knew I was missing something when it kept repeating.

Are you with me here? Thought I got the lesson and did the work to shift it. And I shifted it but it kept sneaking up on me in different ways. Which only means I didn’t get the FULL lesson. I may have gotten a decent portion of it…almost all of it even…but not all. When it clicks that something you’ve been working on wasn’t exactly mastered, you (if you’re like me) tend to be hard on yourself. You then do the whole, “why the f&ck didn’t I get this sooner” thing and then you have to stop yourself and remember that IT NEEDED TO HAPPEN THAT WAY.

Had it not happened that way you would have never learned it. Had it not taken that exact amount of time then you wouldn’t have that life experience under your belt and as we all know that life experience ADDS and ENHANCES your wisdom. It needed to happen that way. It just had to. It’s really that simple. Rather than look back and regret or punish yourself for not having caught on sooner tell yourself, “It clicked at exactly the right time!” It did dolls! Sometimes we need (I’ve said this before) to get to a point of internal exhaustion from the dwelling, worrying, pondering. Sometimes we need a situation to repeat and repeat and repeat to ingrain in us how we NEVER want it to happen again. There is a reason for all of it…every single bit of it so the next time you question or doubt YOUR process or your journey or the timeline of it all…know it’s perfectly planned out JUST for you. God knows what’s up…he’s truly making sure that everything is divinely placed, specific to your needs, strictly to BENEFIT you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My lessons are learned at exactly the right time!