Are you a priority in your own life? Do you come first? This is important so take a second and reflect. Today I was deliberate about putting my needs first. I made sure to do what I needed and give myself what I needed when I needed it. I only did the work that felt good for me today. I only ate the foods that felt good for me today. I only did the exercises that felt good for me today. I only thought the thoughts that felt good for me and spoke the words that felt good for me. 

I didn’t think, “what should I be doing” or “what is the right thing to be eating” or “what should I be focusing on or thinking” because it only mattered what I wanted, when I wanted it. It’s easy to spend our days thinking about the shoulds rather than the actual wants in our heart. It’s normal for us to overlook ourselves and that’s why it’s important to be intentional about taking care of yourself first no matter what.

When you put yourself last dolls…you’ll notice that others will do the same. When you don’t respect your own needs and wants, you’ll notice others don’t either. That’s because what you do for you is reflected around you. If you ignore you, others will too. If you don’t take care of yourself before you offer help to others…you’ll be trying to help others from an empty vessel. No one is going provide for you what you need except yourself. Listen…let me just trip your brain up for a second…why do you think they tell you to put God first in your life. Because God is IN you. God is in you and around you, universal and omnipresent and reflected in everyone and everything. So you can try but you’re never going to shake that kind of presence. Meaning: You can try to run from yourself but it’s never going to work. You will keep showing up in everyone and everything until you get so frustrated with the reflections you see, you start to look within and provide what you actually need for you so your world can then change too! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I give myself exactly what I need so that can reflect in my world around me.