You ever wonder why things happen in the order in which they do? Like why does it have to take X amount of years for certain things to happen in our lives. Why do we have to wait so long to learn really powerful lessons. Why can’t God just give us a manual with a cheat sheet when we get to Earth and call it a day?

Well stop wondering because he’s giving you a cheat sheet but the problem is you need to tune in to access it. But so many people aren’t and then they stand and stare blankly at the sky asking “WHY?” Why did it happen this way? Why did it have to happen now? Why couldn’t it have happened sooner or later? Why couldn’t I have known what I know now, then? Sound familiar? At some point in our lives we all ask WHY and God doesn’t get mad…he expects it and accepts it. Don’t be scared of questioning what happens in your life…matter fact, question all you want but then you better listen and watch for the answers to your questions to appear.

Too many people are scared to inquire. I like questions…they get me answers and if they don’t get me the answer immediately, they open a doorway to some knowledge that’ll lead me towards the answer I’m seeking. The point is that God is there to answer. Matter fact, he’s sending you information, guidance and wisdom all the damn time but often you’re too caught up in just yelling “WHY GOD WHY” that you miss the fact that the answer just shot past your face. And that’s how he operates dolls…those answers you seek are right at your fingertips. You receive them at the right time and not a second sooner. No reason to harp on how long it took but it’s totally ok if you want to….just know that the moment you ask, it’s given to you. The why’s are all eventually revealed at the right time and God is there through it all for you to ask, receive, question, shout, scream and then finally look up and smile and say, “Ok, my bad…it all makes sense now!” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am safe in my faith.