Do you know just how amazing you are? Do you operate day-to-day not even realizing the incredible powers you have? Sometimes I do…I won’t lie. Today I had a photoshoot and caught myself in certain moments having to stop and remind myself who I am, how far I’ve come, where I’m going and just how amazing I am.

It happened when my makeup artist told me how beautiful I looked and my photographer was blown away instantly by the first few photos she took. It’s like their amazement didn’t click within me at first and I had to pause myself and say, “Wait a minute….remember who you are!” When I got home and was checking my messages from the day I had received a message letting me know the podcast I was interviewed on was live today and I could share it. When I sat down and clicked to listen I burst into tears. 

Now this might sound silly to you but let me explain: I heard my voice explaining my beliefs and in a kind of trippy outer body experience sort of way I got to witness who I’ve become for the first time in my life. Like suddenly who I know myself to be in my heart appeared to me externally and I was blown away by my own wisdom, beauty, presence and heart. We all overlook our glorious presence in this world. We all walk through life at some point or another not realizing the amazing gifts we bring by just being who we are. The next time you look in the mirror dolls remind yourself there’s only ONE of you on this planet and you are here to do amazing things….then don’t hold yourself back when God makes a way for those things to be done! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am exactly who I need to be!