What is holding you back? What is actually standing in your way? The truth is nothing but your thoughts. Change them and you’ll be well on your way. We always put conditions on sh*t we want. We say we can’t have things until other things take place. We think we have to WAIT or WORK or PROVE ourselves in order to receive but the truth is that you are already worthy.

In divine truth, you are worthy of anything you desire. You can have it…just ask! But our human minds create stories. The ego operates from fear and fear is restrictive and makes you feel small, powerless and defeated. Our humanly ego mind wants to place conditions on our worth and conditions on our abundance, love, happiness and health. We then walk through the world picking up on stories that we assign to these conditions. “If I don’t work out EVERY DAY I won’t be healthy.” “Unless I have a real job from 9-5 and work my way up the ladder I’ll never succeed.” These are just a few and the point is that these conditions we soaked up seep into our minds and take hold of our thoughts and those thoughts obviously affect how we operate in the world so here we all are listening to limiting stories yet dreaming of success!

So what do you do? How do you change the story? You tell yourself what you desire to see. You tell yourself how you desire to feel. You rewrite the script babydolls because the truth is you chose to take hold of those lies so whenever you’re ready, feel free to release them. God has given you everything you could ever need to succeed, it’s just up to you to believe it’s there. The problem we have is we don’t believe sh*t we can’t see….so we base what we believe on what is happening out there. Do the opposite. Write your own story and use your damn imagination like you would while reading a book. Picture what you want to unfold in your life and just believe that it’s real. That’s all…believe it and I bet you that the more you choose to stand behind that vision, the quicker you’ll receive it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My world reflects what I want it to.