You went judgement free?

You stopped judging yourself.
You stopped judging your thoughts.
You stopped judging your words.
You stopped judging your clothes.
You stopped judging your actions.
You stopped judging your choices.
You stopped judging your path.
You stopped judging your past.
You stopped judging your mistakes.What would happen?
(Clearly I’ll be answering that for you…)

You’d be FREE!

Free to flourish and fly and be all that you desire to be.
Because it’s that inner critic that stops you in your tracks.

Even if it doesn’t always seem that way…
That little voice inside of you pops up to judge your every move.

Prime example:
Before I write a newsletter to you all, I have to tame my inner critic.
Because if I don’t the wisdom won’t channel through me clearly.

Then get this…
People don’t receive what they need in that moment and I did that with my energy alone.
So in order for people to get this intuitive guidance at the perfect divine time…I must first remove all my own inner judgement towards myself, about myself and about what I do/think/say before I share with all of you.

And I know I’ve done good work on me when people respond to my words and say, “PERFECT TIMING!That’s the physical manifestation of my own inner work.

What you feel inside will always reflect back outside.Otherwise my judgement will reflect back like a mirror….my words won’t be received. 
Practically speaking: Less people will open the email. Less people will be open to the words I write. The energy I put out will seep into your veins and make you reject what I say. People won’t get the guidance they need that day!
Because what you feel inside will always reflect back outside.
Ever wonder why sh*t just isn’t working for you?
Curious why you always feel judged?
Pondering why you keep getting stuck?
You might want to sit with yourself for a minute and ask yourself how YOU feel about YOU.
How do you feel about what you are doing?
How do you feel about what you desire to do?
How do you feel about what you’ve done?These are life-altering questions dolls because it’s that little inner voice that often does a lot of damage but we only really NOTICE the physical manifestation of what it’s done. IE: We only see the destructive path it’s made IN THE REAL WORLD. 
Many don’t pay attention to what’s happening WITHIN.
But it’s all created on the INSIDE and reflected on the OUTSIDE.

Not the other way around.


So stop looking OUT THERE for the solution and start looking IN HERE (your heart, your mind, your soul) for what you’ve been saying to you ABOUT you and watch how with a flip of a switch and a creation of a new script…your inner voice can change your entire outer experience!