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I’m an observer of human behavior, a rather deep thinker and emotions really get me excited. I’ve written a few books between now and 2014 and enjoy sending out weekly emails to a private list packed full of my thoughts and funny Gifs.

It’s my goal to educate as many people as I can on their emotions, mental health, psychological well-being and behavior patterns in this world through my work in-person and worldwide.

To keep this brief since we have the attention spans of monkeys these days, I can find me online daily delivering clarity into things like anxiety, boundary setting, depression, abusive behavior cycles, unhealthy communicating and overall just defining your emotions and making sense of our reactions to each other and other outside things.

Below are the ways you can learn from me and allow me to guide you spiritually

One-on-One Guidance

Where you can select different services and get one-on-one time with me to gain clarity and understanding into your specific situation!

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DIY environment that allows self-driven folks to tap into their drive, free-will and passion to learn how to live an extraordinary life of freedom!

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Course Experiences

This is pre-recorded audio content + an e-book for home study. Yearly a LIVE experience happens and is included in the purchase.

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Interactive Conferences

A LIVE conference providing you real, raw, honest and authentic conversations monthly online, on curated topics!

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Guided Videos

Simplifying complicated problems is my specialty and these videos ranging in topic give you the clarity you’ve long been seeking.

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