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It’s my goal to teach, guide and mentor as many people as I can in this world through my books and writing, teaching, live training’s and workshops. My soul purpose and mission is to make sure YOU know that you never have to suffer, struggle or feel alone and powerless.

When you become aware of your behavior patterns in your life, in your relationships, finances, business then your entire life transforms. You take your power back. Shit becomes clearer for you! Because when you are awakened to what is the driving force behind every thought you think, word you speak, move you make, situation that has unfolded, relationships that have come and gone, then you realize what has created your reality and that you hold the power and always have, to transform it into exactly what you desire it to be. Life does not need to be as hard as you’re making it and I am determined to help you feel that way too!

Below are the ways you can learn from me and allow me to guide you on your spiritual journey


A do-it-yourself teaching forum for go-getters to learn how to live an extraordinary life of freedom!

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Guided Training’s

Step by step video guidance giving you the clarity you’re seeking into specific areas of life.

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