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I have various ways you can access my Holistic Life Therapy services.

It is my goal to educate and support as many people as I can to provide clarity and awareness into their many emotions and behavior patterns.

Therefore, you can find me online daily on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, delivering clarity into anxiety, boundary setting, depression, trauma, abusive behavior cycles, unhealthy communicating and more! So by defining and simplifying your various emotions and making sense of your reactions and responses to each other, my mental health and wellness services provide you a way to balance yourself and your life.

Below you will find different options to receive support:

Personal Guidance

Private one-on-one sessions through FaceTime, Skype or phone to gain understanding into your individual emotional & behavioral needs.

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Inner Genius Membership

A self-paced DIY environment that allows you access to an entire platform of lessons and classes on emotional and behavioral guidance!

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Sign up for my [free] weekly emails that provide you emotional guidance, tips and support.

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From Limited to Limitless

An online self-paced course with pre-recorded audio content + an e-book for home study.

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Parenting Guidance

Private one-on-one parenting sessions for you and your child’s emotional & behavioral needs.

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Published books available on Amazon written by Amy!

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