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here’s my background:

I am here to provide you emotional, mental and spiritual support to help guide you through whatever areas of life may be challenging for you.

While struggling with severe depression, anxiety and OCD in my teens (circa 1998), I sought out help from a psychiatrist. What I did not know was that conventional therapy was more of a sounding board for my perceived problems and less of a place to receive guidance and wisdom into understanding myself and my struggles.

I found no relief in being labeled and put on medication to numb my emotions while receiving little to no support in processing why I was having them.

Several years and several therapists later, I found a spiritual adviser (circa 2006) who provided me a space to begin to understand myself and my behavior patterns. Because this was a more holistic approach to my mental health, I weened off the medication to be able to approach this with a clear mind.

Since then I have gone on to become a published author of a few personal development books and hold professional titles such as certified holistic life coach, spiritual adviser, reiki master practitioner and ordained minister. I teach, guide and support others in learning what such labels as ‘anxiety’, ‘depression’ and many others actually mean for them emotionally and how to balance out their thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and energy to live a life of emotional freedom.

My intention is always to provide you with simple, honest and transformational guidance to help you understand:

  • Why you feel the way you do

  • What has created that negative feeling

  • How to change that feeling and situation for the better

In providing guidance and support to anyone, I feel it is most important to never tell someone what to do, as that takes their personal power away from them. Rather I help you better understand yourselves through your emotions and behavior patterns so that you can make powerful and healthier decisions for yourselves and your life moving forward.

The space I offer you in a session with me is for you to feel safe to be vulnerable and express your true feelings. You will receive deeper understanding into who you are, what is happening and how to achieve the outcomes you’re wanting. We don’t always have individuals around us in our own lives who are capable of holding and maintaining that safe space for us to be seen, heard and felt without them being reactive or us having the fear of judgment or backlash. It is a true gift to be able to provide you something of such value that I spent a long time searching for in my own life as a kid.

I work with individuals both male and female in many areas of their lives from relationship issues, communication problems, emotional struggles, health concerns, body image, parenting, finances, business and many more.

Here’s what’s being said about my work:

“With her simplistic approach to spirituality and her laugh out loud witty banter, Amy breaks down the human condition for you in such a straightforward, no bullshit way you’ll never miss the point; teaching you that the power of your life, relationships and happiness lies in your hands and showing you exactly how to reclaim it with laughter, love and a little sass.

Amy Fiedler Spiritual MentorAmy takes her New Jersey street smart approach to new and deep levels while radically shifting your life, spirit and relationships.”

Amy is a published author, with her internationally recognized book of affirmations “365 Little Blasts of Love: Daily doses of uncensored wisdom to radically shift your life”. Her second book was published alongside her first online self-study course “From Limited to Limitless”. Amy is a professional blogger who is compensated for her online writings that have appeared in many large, nationally and internationally recognized websites. Her self-help and personal development work has also been published on popular blogs Bad Yogi and What Do Men Really Think. Her third book “Ask Yourself: 126 Thought Provoking Questions to Shift Your Emotional Experience in This World” was published in 2018.


Amy Fiedler Life Coach

Amy is qualified and certified in the following:

Certified Holistic Life Coach
Spiritual Adviser + Mentor [11+ years of formal spiritual work, guidance + training]
Usui Reiki Master [Master Energy Practitioner]
Ordained Minister [Non-Denominational]
Published Author