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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Emotional therapy, personal development and any form of self-help are an investment in yourself, your personal growth, health, well-being and your future. You are investing in how valuable this change is for you and your relationships and life. Amy’s rates are comparable to conventional therapy however Amy does not accept Health Insurance but understands the importance of accessibility to all walks of life, no matter your situation. Therefore, she provides you a range of services at different price points as well as payment plans on all therapeutic packages.

Payment plans are extended as a courtesy for those unable to pay the full amount up front in an effort to make these services easily available to support you.

Plans vary and are provided to you in biweekly (payments every 2 weeks) or monthly options. Price points will vary per plan and you will be provided several different options to choose from.

Please contact or use the contact form on the website to request one on the product or service you prefer. Amy or a team member will provide you payment plan options within 24 hours (or sooner) of your request.

Amy takes clients as young as 5 years old and some of her oldest clients are 70+ years old. The key requirement for any client of Amy’s is that they be open, willing and ready to receive guidance and support.

Yes, If you feel like your child can benefit from Amy’s holistic methods, emotional guidance and support and your child is asking for help and wanting to speak with someone. 

No, If you want your child to receive help and they are resistant, refusing and not asking to speak with someone. 

Amy is a huge advocate for mental health and well-being and for every child/adult receiving healthy forms of support however it is not healthy or helpful to force someone into it as they will resist the process and not benefit from the therapy. If you fall into the ‘No’ category but are noticing signs and symptoms within your child, Amy encourages you to sign up for a session as her approach to supporting a resistant child is to support and guide you in how to be a healthy form of support for them. 

If you have questions or would like to consult with Amy regarding your child getting therapy, contact Amy directly at

All Amy’s clients experience profound shifts in their mindset, mood and awareness immediately during the first scheduled session time. Clarity and relief happen naturally and instantly. Results may (and will) vary per client as Amy’s guidance depends on your openness, willingness and readiness to receive it.

No refunds are available for the resource center, prerecorded content or courses as well as live training’s and workshops. No refunds are available for services rendered or partial services rendered.

Refunds are made in full if no sessions have begun between Amy and you as a client. A session constitutes a scheduled meeting agreed upon between both parties via Skype, Phone, FaceTime or an in-person meeting. A scheduled session you are a no-show for will constitute as a session and no refund is available for that. Please see full terms and conditions for further clarification and details about payments and refunds and those extenuating circumstances.

Amy L. Fiedler does not affiliate with any other brands or companies currently as of 2020. Any websites, social media, testimonials or accounts suggesting such are not currently affiliated with the name and likeness of Amy L. Fiedler as of the current year (2020). Past affiliations (before 2018-2020) may still be using Amy L. Fiedler’s name and likeness in current marketing and promotions. If a product/service is currently being sold using Amy L. Fiedler’s name and likeness, please note and heed the above disclaimer. Products Amy L. Fiedler currently vouches for are here.