Now that you’re all signed up let me prepare you for your Refresh experience! Here are some things you should know:

  • Expect an email soon direct from me with details about your secret Refresh facebook group. Once you receive it, join the group and introduce yourself to your fellow Refresh members.
  • All details and information will be emailed to you using the email you provided while purchasing this package. So be sure to add it to your Contacts or simply be on the look out for emails coming from
  • You will receive a schedule of your (4) LIVE calls that will happen directly IN the secret facebook group.
  • If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to post in the group or email me at the above email.

I am so excited to clean up your energy leaks and provide this quick spiritual refresher to help you maintain balance and add some of my infamous tips, tricks and radical shifts for shifting energy in any area of your life instantly!



This is a group curated experience.

What that means is YOU lead the experience. When I hop on live, I will be answering questions. This is like spiritual jeopardy. I am here for you to help you learn, grow, heal and expand. I am here to provide you this environment to let your heart crack open wider and know that you can maintain your power in all areas of your life. That life does not have to feel like a roller coaster. That you don’t always need to rely on a coach when you finish here. That life can be easy. That manifestations can be quick. That you are allowed to feel good all the time!

So whatever is going on with you in life…whatever you are struggling with or confused about, stuck on, blocked in is what I will help you shift instantly on these live calls!

Prepare yourselves…my clients call me Yoda. You’ll want to take notes. You’ll laugh, cry, scream and jump for joy at the AHA moments that will happen for you and you’ll be fully entertained the whole way through!



When your 4-weeks come to a close you have the option of adding on months for only $30/month. I will announce it at the end of our time together and provide you the way to do so. That means the fee you paid for this experience was a one-time up front fee and now you have an IN with me for an entire year at $30 a month.

NEW Refresh members will be joining each month and you get to enjoy the ongoing experience with new energy each time through. YES you get to join the new live calls each new month and YES you can ask your questions.



If you choose to finish your experience after the 4-weeks and not continue with the monthly subscription you are welcome to do so! The Refresh experience will go for one year coming to a close in June 2017 and beginning enrollment again in 2018.

If you don’t choose your monthly subscription and want back in a few months later, that first-time fee will be charged to you again. Stick with it continuously and you bypass that completely! xo


All Terms and Conditions Apply to The REFRESH Experience.