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The Refresh Experience: 4 week group coaching program

Having a support system is the key to success and often on a spiritual journey you bump into individuals in your life who just don’t “get it”.

They don’t understand the spiritual principles that you practice.
They don’t quite understand why or how you believe what you do.
They love you but can’t show up for you the way you need them to.
They’re willing to listen but they simply can’t provide you the type of guidance and wisdom that you’re looking for when it comes to life, finances, business and relationships.

That’s how Refresh was born.
I created this space for women to have my guidance and group empowerment.

When I first got on my journey, all I had was my own mentor. Family and friends didn’t necessarily understand nor believe in what I believed and though they tried, I often felt very alone trying to share my stories or breakthroughs with them.

I had people who loved me and supported me but who I couldn’t connect with on a deeper level and I needed depth.

It took me many years in to finally start building friendships with people on similar paths and so I promised myself I would create a space for women to not feel alone while working on their inner growth.
I swore I would make sure no one ever felt the way I felt: misunderstood, judged, forgotten, mocked, hurt, hopeless and sad.

It’s important you feel seen, heard, supported, inspired, loved and understood while working to understand your childhood wounds, behavior patterns, triggers and creating a new story for the more empowered version of you and strengthening your mindset.

Refresh gives you monthly group live calls with me to stay on track in your spiritual practices and growth in a sacred group setting for you to turn to and share your breakthroughs, insights, ask for ideas, help or support and be in the energy of like-minded souls who value their path and their inner work too.

This space helps you deepen and solidify your beliefs, build your confidence and strengthen your trust in yourself so when life happens as it always does, you are able to rise above it with ease, grace and faith!

This space is for women who have already worked with a coach one-on-one and have a solid foundation in their own beliefs and principles.
They have already acquired the tools to understand themselves and others and are in tune with their own inner guidance system.

They don’t “need” a coach, they’re seeking a mentor to reflect to them with ease and gently point out the blind spots they can’t yet see.

They come to build on what they already know.
They come because they know we as humans never stop growing.
They come eager to learn even deeper and more profound ways of understanding the teachings and practices they’ve already learned.
They come to connect, reflect, strengthen and grow.

These women leave feeling empowered in their truth.
They have completely stepped into their authentic voice.
They’ve acquired a tribe of likeminded souls who see them on a soul level.
They now deeply and completely trust themselves to be able to navigate through anything in life with complete confidence, faith and peace.

The Refresh Experience covers every area of life as the live calls are completely curated by the group’s questions.

The Refresh Experience

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 4 Weeks with 4 LIVE calls
  • Secret Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to all call replays.
  • Group support, empowerment, motivation, inspiration + love!
  • Option to remain in Refresh at the end of 4 weeks for a small $30 monthly fee with all the same benefits!



Your investment: $597

Option to Upgrade at the end of the month:

Following your 4-week refresher, you now have the option of extending your Refresh experience on a monthly basis for $30/month for up to 1 year from it’s launch (Refresh expires in June 2017).

  • This gives you access to additional calls every week.
  • Access to new Refresh members and experiences.
  • Ability to cancel your monthly access at anytime you choose.

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