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Hello, I’m Amy Fiedler (pronounced Feed-ler)

I am a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and Certified Holistic Life Coach. I provide holistic services that are therapeutic in nature for your mental and emotional well-being. My work is supported through my personal struggles and transformation, a decade+ of spiritual mentorship, an undergraduate 4 year college degree, formal online certification programs and yearly continuing education credits. My work offers you an alternative to conventional types of therapy. I support you in navigating a life after trauma, healing trauma triggers while moving into healthier environments/relationships, codependent patterns, people pleasing, improving communication & conflict resolution, and successfully guiding you to adopt heathier coping tools and set boundaries in order to achieve, sustain, maintain healthier relationships and emotional balance in your life.

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fun facts

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I am an Auntie to my previous nephew Lucas.
I worked as a fashion wardrobe styling assistant in NYC after college.
I was a nanny for 7 boys.
I struggled with severe anxiety, depression and OCD in my teenage years.
I competitively danced for 15 years and was a dance team co-captain in college.
I was born and raised in New Jersey.
I'm an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister & have officiated many weddings.

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