365 little blasts of love

Daily Doses of Uncensored Wisdom to Radically Shift Your Life

365 Little Blasts of Love Amy Fiedler

Photo by Olena Beley

365 Little Blasts of Love can be described as a daily devotional for the mind, body, and soul that’ll transform your reality instantly. Using spiritual principles, energy tips and tricks and mindfulness you are given practical ways to radically shift your thoughts, words, energy, relationships, life and more.

An affirmation for every day of the year provides you the guidance and wisdom you need to retrain your brain, strengthen your spirit and consciously create your life experiences into ones that positively serve you best. Prepare for deep wisdom, authentic writing, curse words and some laughs!

Think of this book as your daily go-to for sassy, wise, uncensored, quick-witted, life-changing and applicable quick shifts for living your best life ever!

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Just a few of my 5 star reviews

Love my daily inspiration!!!
I bought this book for my wife’s birthday after a friend had told me about it and she absolutely loves it. She keeps it on her nightstand and wakes up every morning now and loves turning to a random page and reading the days “Little Blast of Love” – I highly recommend this book to anyone for a gift or just loves a great inspirational read! Thank you Amy!

This book is like my new tarot deck
365 Little Blasts of Love is full of that deep, soulful wisdom that hits you right in the core. I started using Amy’s book as a daily dose of intuitive guidance. Each day I choose 1 page to open the book to. Every. Single. Time. there is a powerful message that relates to exactly what’s going on in my life. Her words are potent and her messages are clear. I think we could all use these little blasts of love! Be prepared to expand your mind and connect more deeply with your intuition.

This book is absolutely amazing!!
This book is absolutely amazing!!! Every day I will say a little prayer and ask to be guided to the page I’m supposed to read and all I can say is WOW! I look forward to this every single day! The messages are life changing and so powerful but yet so easy to understand and apply to your every day life. The affirmations/messages are to the point and very easy to read. The daily affirmations help me to cleanse my soul and refocus my new day to try to make good choices and be patient. Unlike other affirmation books, there are no dates of the year, just affirmations. This is a great book of inspiration and power! You must have this book! Do not hesitate! Buy it and you will forever be changed! Amy is amazing!

A MUST HAVE for a happy, peaceful LIFE!
This is a MUST HAVE for every household! This is the book you keep in the coffee table or in the kitchen to get you daily message of wisdom! The affirmations a quick and effective and they immediately shift your day into an amazing one! Having this book will change your life…one little blast of love at a time 😛 (I will buy it gain as Christmas presents to people I love!)