60 Minute Distance Reiki Healing Treatment with Deep Vibrational Healing: $195

  • Using a handcrafted Tibetan singing bowl you will receive a full restorative sound and vibrational healing session from a distance.
  • The resonance a singing bowl produces penetrates to the deepest parts of the human body.
  • Singing bowls can improve immune function, lower heart rate and blood pressure, soothe pain, drastically reduce stress, eliminate headaches and more.
  • The therapeutic sounds created by the bowl synchronize with brain waves to impact the deepest parts of your body for transformative mind, body, soul healing. The Tibetan singing bowl produces Alpha Waves while our regular brain function is Beta Waves; so while your brain is relaxed, resonance and harmony will be restored back into your body. Using the combination of sound therapy with Reiki energy healing, this session is healing at the deepest level possible.
  • Sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home from a distance. Applies worldwide.
  • This is a 60 minute full length Reiki session done at a distance to relax, detox, relieve stress and rebalance your entire body, mind and spirit. The Reiki part of your session focuses on opening and rebalancing chakras as well as clearing energy blocks that cause mental, spiritual, emotional, physical sickness, discomfort, pain or disturbances.
  • Reiki is not harmful or invasive. This is a Holistic healing treatment.
  • Client will receive:
    • A full follow up treatment via email including the energetic disturbances picked up during their session, intuitive messages and guidance as well as a complete list of practice ways to maintain positive energy flow, open chakras and your overall cleansing, clearing, balancing and healing treatment.
    • 45 minute phone call with Amy to ask any questions regarding your treatment, how you’re feeling or receive any additional guidance needed for your healing.

1 Month Distance Healing + Coaching Package: $900

  • Amy has combined the powerful effects of her life coaching, spiritual mentoring and Reiki energy healing into a 1 month plan that is set to transform your life.
  • This package includes:
    • Unlimited access to Amy for support by email.
    • 60 minute bi-monthly energy healing distance treatments.
      • Reiki sessions with the additional benefits of clearing negative blocks, inducing a positive energy flow and Tibetan singing bowl vibrational deep healing (distance) treatments to reach the deepest levels of your body and help you naturally heal from the inside out.
    • 1 chakra clearing per month.
    • 50 minute bi-monthly coaching calls.
      •  Understand spiritually what is happening in your life and around you and learn the most powerful practical ways to instantly and radically shift them. Coaching combined with energy healing is powerful and transformational!
    • Email follow ups post session providing intuitive guidance and unique individualized assignments to fit your specific needs.
  • Added benefits to your 4 month package include: 
    • Personal and radically life-changing tips from Amy on how to navigate and shift any and all obstacles in your life, career, relationship, friendships and health.
    • Amazing support!
    • Complete guidance for your mind, body, spirit and soul.
  • This package is designed to give you the lifetime tools, tips and guidance necessary to navigate life with peace, ease and grace. People often ask Amy how she manages all her clients as well as life’s obstacles with such faith and with this package and unlimited access to her, you will be gaining firsthand knowledge, wisdom and experience into how she does it all.  She will give you the practical ways to apply her personal methods to your own life as she single-handedly walks you through every obstacle and helps you understand, learn, reframe, redirect and shift it into exactly what you desire it to be and more!
  • After 1 month you will feel:
    • Stronger
    • Wiser
    • Clearer
    • More confident
    • More able
    • Connected
    • More in love with who you are.
    • Self-aware of your strengths, weaknesses and purpose in life.
    • Passionate
    • Driven
    • Inspired
    • Motivated
    • Healthy
    • Happy
    • Fearless
    • Blessed
    • Grateful
    • Free
  • Who is this package designed for men + women:
    • Ready to commit to change.
    • Wanting deep healing.
    • Wanting exceptional support.
    • Looking for daily, weekly, monthly guidance in life.
    • Wanting to understand, learn, grow and thrive.
    • Are serious about their life, purpose and connection to something much larger.
    • Desiring more but don’t know where to find it.
    • Open, ready and willing to becoming the best version of themselves possible!

1 time payment of $900

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Payment is made via PayPal (Debit +/or Major Credit Cards Accepted) by clicking the Buy Now button above. Amy will contact you upon receiving your payment to schedule your session. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or payment will still be required for the scheduled appointment.


Disclaimer: Amy is not a doctor or a lawyer. She cannot provide you with medical or legal advice. Amy is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor with 10+ years experience, a Reiki Master of Natural Healing and an Ordained Minister. If you are having a medical emergency please dial 911 or contact your physician.