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It is my goal to help, coach, guide and mentor as many people as I can in this world and it is my soul purpose and mission to make sure you know that you never have to suffer, struggle or feel alone.

My teachings will guide you to connect on a deep soul level and really be seen, heard and felt for all that you are.


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Listen to Amy on The Self-Help Rockstar Show on “Divine Guidance, Overcoming Fear and Finding the Flow” right here.

“I say to myself, ‘it’s all working out for me’, it only looks like it’s not because maybe I don’t see the full picture yet.” – Amy Fiedler

Check out new podcast episode 27 of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things where I chat with Spiritual Life and Relationship Coach, Amy Fiedler. Learn how she went from life guarding to life coaching. Amy always had an interest in helping others, but wasn’t sure how. After a career in fashion, she started her own business in the clothing industry and eventually realized she still wasn’t doing what she truly enjoyed. Hear how she found life coaching and how she’s making her passion and talents work for her. Plus, she’ll give you the first three steps you need to start finding your purpose in life.


Are you tired of being taken advantage of? Are you sick of feeling like you’re at the mercy of everyone and everything? These are just some feelings in a long list of others that I felt for more than half my life. I felt like I always had to say yes because if I said no then I was “mean” or “bitchy”. I felt like I had no voice, no power and no respect.

And then finally I got tired of feeling that way. I got tired of being hurt and stepped on. I got tired of my heart being broken and feeling used and abused. So I did something about it! I learned how to set boundaries, really fucking good ones and I practiced maintaining them in all areas of my life.

In this webinar I teach you exactly how to do the same in life and love! You will learn:

  • How to set boundaries with family/friends/children/lovers/in business
  • How to enforce boundaries
  • How to know when you NEED boundaries
  • How to handle individuals who break your boundaries and so much more!

Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do, talk the way you do, think the way you do? Ever wondered how to break the generational pattern of “becoming like your mother/father”?

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I’ll never be like that” or “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure I raise my children differently” only to find the same patterns repeating over and over again?


You will receive:

  • The best tips and techniques to avoid passing down generational wounds.
  • How to recognize a spiritual wound in your child and heal it for them.
  • How to prepare yourself spiritually for having children.
  • My guidance and wisdom on spiritual parenting, healing, generational wounds and becoming your best self for your children.

When the holidays come around stress seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And as we know whatever is in your mind seeps into your physical body. 

We worry about the food.
We worry about cleaning the house.
We worry about keeping up with our exercise routines.
We worry about the family and the relatives and who is or isn’t getting along this year.
We worry about that dinner conversation and who’s going to be the smartass to bring up politics before the meal ends.

That’s why I’ve personally teamed up with Certified Nutritionist Renae Teel to bring you all of the tips and tricks for the mind, body, soul to help you stay centered, balanced, and in your power this holiday season.

In this webinar we’re dishing out all the good stuff on rising above the chaos, embracing the family time while making the healthiest decisions in foods, beverages, and family boundaries!

Have you ever wondered how online entrepreneurs do it? How do they succeed? How do they make it work and last?! 

Maybe you’re wondering how you can do it yourself?
Do you have to go to school or have a fancy degree for this or is it much deeper than that?

I got to sit down with a friend of mine who is also a highly known and successful business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. You’ve heard me speak about her life-changing courses before, one of which radically changed my money mindset and life and now I sit down and ask her all the juicy questions on just HOW she does it!

How did she build her online business?
How did she make it a success?
What is the one necessary thing you must know in order to become successful?
How did she make multiple six figures in the first 4 months of 2016?
What are the practical steps you can take to building a million dollar brand like hers?
+ so much more!

Join me as I sit down for a one on one chat with Amanda Frances to talk about life, business, success and money!