What Will You Do To Feel The Way You Want To Feel

2016-04-25T00:51:23-04:00April 25th, 2016|Blog, Get Inspired, Uncategorized|

Every single day you choose. You choose how you feel. And that's simply because you choose the thoughts you think.Don't get confused... You don't always get to choose what thoughts emerge...but you DO get to choose which you engage in and focus on. Master your mind and you master your life. That's life in a nutshell. [...]

This Little Light Of Mine Is Not So Little!

2016-01-29T10:01:15-05:00January 29th, 2016|Blog, Get Inspired, Uncategorized|

I was so honored when my friend Dana invited me to be a part of her Glow School Blog Tour. Glow School is a place where women make nice with their inner mean girls, free their bodies, shed their limiting beliefs and celebrate each other on the journey of life. Because learning my worth was a [...]

Freedom and breakthroughs can come easy

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I always wanted freedom yet I always felt stuck. Freedom gives you the ability to do what you love to do and not worry about anything other than the pure joy of doing it.   Since college I've always worked unconventional jobs. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Art and Photography but went right into [...]

Even if you feel it’s too late

2015-09-02T21:11:02-04:00September 2nd, 2015|Blog, Get Inspired|

You are magic. And you hold the power to create all sorts of beautiful things. That power starts in your mind. Your mind creates your thoughts. Your thoughts create your words and feelings. Your feelings shift your energy. Your energy attracts it's likeness right back to it! Putting it bluntly...You can make sh*t or break sh*t. Personally I like [...]

Life is about to get really good for you

2015-07-21T20:49:42-04:00July 21st, 2015|Blog, Get Inspired|

Life is about to get really good for you, once you learn this trick. It's my No.1 trick....my secret weapon, if you will. I used to be one to resist life. I wanted to control what came my way. But then I realized that it didn't matter what flowed in my direction...because it was all good. It might [...]

Let Go Of That Tiny Mad Idea

2015-06-01T23:35:56-04:00June 1st, 2015|Blog, Get Inspired|

STOP! Believing the bullsh*t that circulates in your brain. The stuff telling you that you aren't good enough. The stuff convincing you to do better or be better. The stuff saying you can't actually have the things you want. That tiny mad idea is a full-blown lie. You are whole. You have everything you need right now...it's [...]