Every single day you choose.

You choose how you feel.
And that’s simply because you choose the thoughts you think.Don’t get confused…
You don’t always get to choose what thoughts emerge…but you DO get to choose which you engage in and focus on.
Master your mind and you master your life.
That’s life in a nutshell.
If you can maintain your power over your mind…then you can master anything. So do you feel stuck in a particular area of your life?
I bet if you think about the thoughts you’re having around that area they aren’t expansive.
Most people see lack so they think lack. They see no love so they think about never having love. They see that they’re stuck so they think about how stuck they are.Today is the day you change all that.
What you see doesn’t matter.Digest that for a minute.What you see doesn't matter...

What you THINK about what you see is what matters.

You and I could watch the same movie and still walk away with two different perspectives of it.
You and I could feel two different ways about the very same movie.
This is how life operates. 
We all experience very similar sh*t at different points in time and we all choose (it’s a choice) to feel a special kind of way about it. That way is based on our own fears and limiting beliefs.

So what I like to do is choose how I want to feel in my life.
And then whenever something unfolds that triggers me to not immediately feel that way…I know that’s where my work is…But before I actually work on whatever that fear is…I have a simple choice in that very moment.
I can feel however I want to feel in that moment.
If I know how I want my life to feel then choosing the feelings moment to moment becomes easier.
I don’t ever want to feel anxious.
I used to live a very anxiety-driven life for far too long. 
So if I get triggered to feel anxious by a person/place or thing…I choose in that moment to see it peacefully and not fearfully. 
I choose my feelings. I have control over them. SO DO YOU.
What are you choosing?
Or are you just letting life happen TO you?
Because that’s only going to spin you in circles.Life is ONLY giving you what YOU ASK FOR.
If you aren’t intentionally asking for what you want…then whatever is passing through your chaotic brain moment to moment is exactly what you’ll receive. Take it from someone who’s been there…you’re only bumping up against a giant brick wall.Eventually, you will need to choose to walk around it.
I’d choose today.

Life is only giving you what you ask for.