Sometimes you wake up and you set the intention to have a great day. I choose to do this everyday but sometimes I have to choose again every hour as my intent goes awry. We can’t control our daily flow because we never know what the day might carry for us…all we can do is set the intention from a heart-centered place and allow it all to unfold.



Part of my morning ritual is to pray before I even get out of bed.
This ritual often changes with time but the one thing that never has is that I always pray before my feet hit the ground. I want to be guided, I want to feel at peace and I need strength and wisdom to do all of that…so I ask for it.

It’s really that simple. You ask and by asking you believe so you’re always going to receive!

And I always do. I always receive what I ask for. Sometimes it looks a little different, but I get it.

Today was no different. I prayed and seemed to be having a hard time keeping myself in a good place mentally and emotionally. That happens…we’re human. We can desire to be at peace but our ego-mind often has another plan and implants thoughts and fears into our head. That seemed to be what was happening and so I just continued to pray. I went about my day and it didn’t really subside so I prayed some more.

I walked outside and prayed again. I even sat in the grass and prayed again. My intention never changed…I wanted peace and strength and wisdom and guidance. I wanted the mind chatter to stop with it’s incessant worrying and allow me to just be.

I tried not to get frustrated as hours passed in the morning and it wouldn’t let up. I have been telling clients lately they need to feel it to heal it and I knew that’s what was happening but I had business to tend to and I am human so I started to get annoyed that it wouldn’t just shut-up.

But I held the intention. I never let the intention go for peace. I didn’t know what my day was going to hold and if I caved to the nonstop chatter in my mind I would have allowed it to go to sh*t.

I held my intention despite the frustration and even the tears until finally something suddenly shifted.

I sat down and meditated. I was so annoyed that I felt I needed to do this that my body was physically ancy through the meditation but I knew I needed to pause and breathe. Nothing dramatic occurred afterwards, I finished it and went about my business but suddenly a peace creeped over my entire body. I felt my body get lighter and my breathing easier. The chatter had stopped. The worrying was gone. I was present and in the zone. So much in the zone I was able to flow through some work of mine that I’ve been keeping a list to complete for weeks.

So why am I telling you this?
Sometimes we’re so determined to change something. We are so motivated to make it happen. We will do anything and everything to get it done. For me this was my determination to shut my ego up – but other times it’s to make my business flourish or currently, to take care of all the details regarding my car accident last week.

But nothing happens on OUR time. I was reminded of that today. No matter how much I proclaimed “Give me peace!” I had to let it be. I had to let it go. I had to let it release. I had to let it flow.

Stop trying to change it...

And a sudden surge of inspiration fell over me after that. One I haven’t felt in months.
I was inspired to write more than I have been in the last few months.
I was inspired to share.
I was inspired to express myself in my personal journal and list off what I want to manifest this month.

I had connected back to my heart-center.
I had connected back to my source.

Perhaps I was out of alignment. Maybe I had gotten in my own head. But I realized the more I forced the less it flowed and when I paused to breathe and let it be – it all was taken care of for me.

I hope this finds you well today, this week and the months to follow. They say “You speed up by slowing down” and I say when you stop trying to change things and you just accept what is…that’s when the change happens dolls!

Namaste. Be well.
xo Amy