What is Holistic Life Therapy?

I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach & Reiki Master Practitioner

I’ve coined the term Holistic ‘Life Therapist’ to define how my work combines the best of both worlds.

Life coaches aim to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients….Many life coaches focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals, whereas therapy sometimes looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward, according to Counseling Today . [ Source: HuffPost.com]

My work encompasses the best of both aspects of each profession. I am not a Licensed Therapist. However, I am Certified in two Holistic professions with on-going formal continuing education.

Professional life coaching typically includes a structured program and set timeline for your goals. While professional therapy is more so an ongoing support system to sustain a balance in your mind and emotions. Combining my experience and qualifications, I merge those environments to provide you my Holistic Life Therapy.


As a Holistic Life Therapist I provide you…

  • Emotional support, relief, guidance.
  • Mental clarity and greater self-awareness.
  • Behavioral support and understanding.
  • Spiritual (mind/body) support.
  • Emotional healing of your pain and trauma(s).
  • Healthy coping mechanisms for anxiety, depression, OCD.
  • Mindset shifts.
  • Healthy tools and a therapeutic (safe and supportive) environment.

My Formal Qualifications are:

  • Certified Holistic Life Coach (2014)
  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner (2014)
  • Ordained Minister
  • Published Author (3 books)
  • Certified Trauma Support Specialist (currently in progress July 2020)

In addition to the above I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lycoming College (2007). I’ve had an array of experiences post-college exposing me to many worlds.

My life experiences following college included working in the Fashion and Entertainment Industries as a professional photography assistant in commercial/print, wardrobe stylist for high fashion print, commercial, celebrity, music videos/tour, television as well as a personal/executive assistant to a world renown psychic.

In 2008 I started my own clothing company. I successfully operated it employing designers, printers/production, shipping/receiving, models/clothing ambassadors. I later dissolved the company (6) years later in an effort and desire to feel fulfilled, at peace and happy in my professional career and life.

As noted in my first published book (365 Little Blasts of Love),I struggled as a teen with severe anxiety, depression, OCD and suicidal thoughts. Read more of my story, struggle and healing here. Nowadays, through combining my formal qualifications as well as my personal/professional unique life experiences, I deliver an expertise on human behavior and emotional guidance unlike any others.

To get a deeper taste of my emotional and behavioral approach/work, I encourage you to follow my social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

What I Do For You:

My goal in these private one-on-one environments is to provide you a therapeutic space for holistic emotional guidance, mental clarity, self-understanding and awareness, no matter your situation.

I support and guide you through unraveling and understanding your behavior patterns, emotions and mindset relative to what you bring forth in a session, providing you relief, clarity and awareness to move through/forward successfully.

Choosing The Right Therapist For You:

When you approach someone for guidance and support, the unhealthiest thing they can do is dis-empower you by telling you what to do. This creates co-dependency. Having a space and professional confidante who empowers you to understand yourself and others as well as your emotions, behaviors and thought patterns is the healthiest approach to self-care.

Educating you the client is important. You want to be guided and supported towards making your own healthy decisions in life.

Your ability to be emotionally and physically independent relies on your ability to understand yourself and what you need/want. Having an understanding of your behavior patterns, what created them and how they’re backed by an en-grained belief system (from childhood) gives you awareness into yourself and others around you.

In my younger years, the professionals I leaned into matched the behavior patterns and environments I was raised around. This only fed my co-dependency, helplessness, victim-hood and inability to process, cope and function in healthy ways. I did not have an example of healthy support. I was not educated on one by anyone. Therefore, I leaned into what was familiar. That happened to also be what was unhealthy and taking advantage of me and my vulnerability.

There are many life coaches, mental health professionals and holistic healing services offered nowadays (2019) online and locally in your town.  In selecting the right professional for you, you want to be sure they will be educating and empowering you.

Secondary trauma can occur in selecting someone not capable of professionally supporting you in healthy ways. It is with intention I provide you this understanding and provide you ways to be sure you select the right environment for you.

If you have questions on how I would work with you individually, you are welcome to email me at hello@amyfiedler.com

Having a space to communicate and process your emotions safely is key to your mental, emotional, physical health and well-being.

Processing and releasing your emotions heals:

  • anxieties, feelings of depression (which when not addressed can lead to suicidal thinking)
  • negative energy which (when) held inside (suppressed/repressed) creates physical illness/disease
  • unhealthy coping mechanisms (such as, but not limited to: manipulation, abuse, avoidance, attack, blame, judgment, jealousy, criticism, drugs/alcohol abuse)

How To Use My Holistic Life Therapy Services:

My work with you does not have a set expiration date and it is focused holistically on emotional guidance, behavioral analysis and mental clarity.

Here’s how many use and value the services I provide (& why):
*I highly recommend to begin with (1) single session to see how you’d personally like to utilize my services.

  • (On-going) emotional support
    • filling out the custom packages form is the best option for this approach
    • Book weekly/biweekly for a therapeutic space to process, relax, find relief, understanding and clarity with their day to day life, relationships, struggles and feelings.
    • Utilize weekly/biweekly session times as well as (optional) text support to have real-time support, guidance and clarity when something arises they want help with.
    • Utilize my services on-going for months +/or years as their holistic approach to ‘therapy’
    • Clients are now opting for my holistic services as their approach to mental health. They see the value in having a natural form of support that accounts for their overall quality of life.


  • One time/temporary guidance
    • selecting as needed from the single session options +/or the packaged options
    • Book as needed when going through a painful/traumatic/confusing situation (ie: break-up, divorce, financial struggles, abuse, mental/emotional breakdown, health crisis)
    • Have a specific problem they’d like to find relief and clarity on.
    • Utilize my services this way when they are seeking immediate relief and are not yet ready to receive on-going support.