coaching + mentoring

1:1 Coaching + Mentoring Sessions

  • I help you understand you.
  • I help you connect with yourself.
  • I see what is blocking you and guide you to transform it.

My work fully encompasses all areas of your life because spiritually the root of every “perceived problem” is the same. I work to provide you the wisdom behind what we as humans consider problems, struggles or blocks in life and then give you the tools to rise above them and have transformational breakthroughs. This will leave you with the ability and know-how to align your own thoughts and actions with your heart-centered truth in any area of life, transcend your own fears when they arise and cultivate an environment internally and externally where success, peace and happiness are inevitable.

This type of coaching/mentoring doesn’t limit your breakthroughs to just one particular niche as each area of your life fully connects to the next. Once it ‘clicks’ in one area, it naturally flows into the next. This means that you can come to me with relationship issues and your relationships and finances and any other area of your life can improve drastically and effortlessly. You can bring me business blocks that you struggle with and immediately your relationships, health and finances improve as we start working together.

You are not limited in working with me. My work is limitless and stretches beyond what the human mind is capable of seeing. I am taking you from having a limited mindset to helping you tap into your limitless capabilities and leaving you with the wisdom and tools to feel strong, empowered and capable of trusting yourself and your abilities in the future.

Your whole world easily opens up when working with me. I help you broaden your mind to be able to tap into your spiritual sight no matter what is unfolding in front of you. Any area of your life is the same and it’s my purpose to help you get unstuck in whatever you bring forth while showing you that you have the power within you to trust and believe that you can confidently do it too.

Follow the guidance below to see how Amy’s services can meet your needs.

What Do You Need:

Spiritual Mindset Consultations

Allow me to take a look at your chosen area of life (your specific “problem”) and pinpoint the block (thought/belief) that is stopping this area from being all that you desire it to be.

This option is for:

  • Those who have a specific need in an area of their life they desire to fix, tweak and understand instantly.
  • This can be a problem you are having in life, love, any type of relationship (platonic +/or romantic), business or finances.

My spiritual consultations go as follows:

  • We chat about your chosen area of life/situation.
  • I take a look at what you’re doing, listen to how you’re feeling and understand where you desire to go.
  • I then provide you the spiritual guidance you need to align more with your soul.
  • The guidance you receive from me will come from me reading your energy (I am a Reiki Master and will feel your energy during our call) and pinpointing your behavior patterns as well as your emotional and mental blocks.
  • Then I explain to you a new way of looking at this and understanding it while showing you how specific blocks are holding you back from the success you want to have in that desired area of life.
  • I will then give you specific and individualized guidance in shifting your mindset (thoughts and beliefs) and provide you actual action steps to align everything so that this situation can transform into what you desire it to be.

Let me look at your current situation and break it down for you spiritually and tell you what is happening, what things mean and what you need to do in order to shift it easily.

This package has allowed those who purchase to:

  • Get their ideal clients interested after months or more of crickets.
  • Provide them clarity on how they want to show up in their business/relationships.
  • Completely transformed their mindset around what they want in life to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to go.
  • Get high paying clients within days of making the mindset adjustments I provided them.
  • Get discovery calls and spark interest and engagement in their services within hours of a call with me.
  • Completely transform marital relationships from jealous and distant to loving, compassionate + exciting.
  • Eliminate physical pain that existed in their body for years.
  • Mend broken relationships that held guilt, anger and resentment for decades.
  • Get money flowing in immediately after months of bouncing checks and barely any income.

What you will receive with this package:

  • (1) 60 minute (video) Skype/FaceTime consultation
    • This is where I listen to what you’ve been doing and dive into reviewing your current situation. During these 60 minutes I will tell you the energy I’m picking up on and will pinpoint the mindset blocks keeping you stuck. I will then provide you guidance on what thoughts/beliefs/actions need to be adjusted to align everything and tell you exactly how to do that with practical action steps.
  • (2) 40 minute (audio) phone call follow ups
    • I will follow up with you 1 week after your consult to see how you’ve implemented my guidance and answer any questions still confusing you.
      >>Your final follow up will be 2 weeks after our initial consult.
  • FB Messenger support
    • I will be there to support you and guide you from the onset of our initial consult until our final follow up two weeks after. I will guide you and help you adjust as you go. You may ask me questions during this entire 3 week span.

Investment: (biweekly +/or monthly payment plans available upon request)

  • $547

(Requirement: By purchasing a spiritual mindset consultation you are acknowledging you believe in God/Universe/Source and the laws of the Universe and that Amy is guiding you spiritually using her gift and those spiritual principles and truths.)

*If you already completed a Spiritual Mindset Consultation with Amy and desire to have continued, ongoing guidance to keep your mindset work you did in tact, Amy recommends you become a member of her do-it-yourself teaching forum called the Inner Genius Membership here where you will have access to transformational homework, revolutionary processes, Amy’s famous Pathway To Success daily mindset routine and her entire teaching archive.


Have you worked with me before? Do you need a refresher?

I created this for past one-on-one clients seeking a spiritual tune-up.

I know sometimes you need a reminder of all that you learned and other times you need a little support navigating through a new obstacle. Clients always leave me with all the tools to turn inward and trust their inner guidance, but sometimes having that instant mirror in the form of a trusted coach/mentor helps it all click that much quicker. Refuel is where past one-on-one clients of Amy’s can grab a quick three-pack of sessions to freshen up and recharge their spiritual batteries.

What you’ll get:

  • (3) 60-minute one-on-one video sessions
  • Email access to Amy for questions, guidance and accountability in-between sessions
    Each session is scheduled one week apart for maximum benefit. *Must have been a client of Amy’s to purchase this package.


  • $397

Spiritual Mentorship

This package is for those looking to go deeper into understanding, perceiving and transforming their relationship with themselves, others and their situations at large (love, business, finances, health, body image) to gain better understanding and wisdom into what they mean and why they’re happening; taking you from feeling powerless, lost and confused to feeling empowered and having massive clarity in all corners of your life.

Fill out the application below to see if you qualify for the spiritual mentorship program. It is important Amy is the right fit for you, your life and your needs as well as you being the right fit for Amy’s style of coaching.

During this mentorship, Amy will be teaching you how to trust yourself deeply and completely from the inside out. A mentorship with Amy means you are ready to stop looking to others outside of you for the guidance you already have within you. You are ready and willing to tap into the tools God has given you to be able to operate on this Earthly plane living from a spiritual perspective; giving you the upper-hand in all things you do.

Having a spiritual adviser at your fingertips to help you infuse your life, love, relationships +/or business with the knowledge to access a life of complete emotional, mental, physical and spiritual freedom will tap you into the inner peace and infinite joy you’ve been searching for!

You will learn:

  • How to master + transcend the reflection.
  • How to listen to the God within you and live from a trusting, peaceful place no matter what unfolds around you.
  • How to shift your perspective from one of fear to one of love easily and effortlessly.
  • How to understand and process your emotions in a healthy way.
  • How to see relationships and others clearly, through the eyes of Source.
  • How to listen + trust your inner wisdom and live fully by it’s guidance.
  • How to stop living at the mercy of external conditions (people, finances, situations, sickness/diseases) and change your unhealthy behavior patterns into healthy ones that serve you.
  • How to live your life from a peaceful, relaxed state, even in the midst of chaos.
  • Be introduced to your real divine power +be taught how to never hand it away.
  • How to understand life, relationships, business, finances, your body + good/bad situations on a spiritual level like never before.

What you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to me for three months via Email, Texting, Messenger/Chat, Phone, Skype
  • (12) total mentoring sessions for personalized guidance and coaching specific to your life, needs and desires.
    • (2) 60 minute video one-on-one sessions per month
    • (2) 50 minute accountability phone calls per month
  • Instant access to the Inner Genius Membership full of my teaching archive, step-by-step processes, transformational homework and powerful mindset processes.
  • Have me at your fingertips for three months to learn the ins and outs of my brain and personal spiritual practices as well as how I navigate life, relationships, business utilizing the tips and techniques I teach in my private coaching sessions.
  • Have access to additional resources, teachings and extra calls, reiki energy healing treatments and sessions with me.

Let your life be easy.

Let your heart be free.

  • Lighten your life + your load!
  • Transform your relationships.
  • Learn to navigate your emotions with ease.
  • Know how to access peace any time of day, any day of the week.
  • Breakthrough your limitations.
  • Transcend your fears!
  • Understand life + people + situations completely differently with compassion + gratitude no matter what shows up around you.
  • Live a truly sustainably happy life!
  • Always know the spiritual truth behind every encounter you have so you can peacefully live from a higher plane.

Allow Amy to infuse you with the practical tools and spiritual wisdom necessary for making life the easiest and most loving ride ever!


  • $2,000 per month
    • 3 Months in total = $6,000
      Biweekly +/or monthly payment plans available upon request. Deposits allowed to retain and hold spot for future start date.

Please fill out the form below to apply for a spiritual mentorship to see if you qualify for this program. Amy will contact you directly if it’s a good fit for you. (Serious inquires only, please)

Find Your Inner Genius

Are you looking for a way to have access to my teachings but don’t need my personalized attention?

I created the Inner Genius Membership to be your trusted resource for do-it-yourself guidance on living a successful life free from emotional distress.

This do-it-yourself teaching forum is full of archives of my teachings, preachings, writings, step-by-step processes, guidance, transformational homework assignments and wisdom for you to access at any time on any subject, in any area of life.

Want to know more? I break it all down for you here.

Please fill out the form below to apply for a spiritual mentorship to see if you qualify for this program. Amy will contact you directly if it’s a good fit for you. (Serious inquires only, please)

Apply for a Spiritual Mentorship