Isn’t it funny how we go through life and we spend so much time searching out there for answers – but eventually it all comes back to us? Because the answers you’re out there searching for…are right inside of you all along.

It’s just a matter of trust. Listening to that loving voice inside of you rather than that scared, fearful one. It requires practice and discipline to believe what it’s telling you. So often we’ll search out there for confirmation and reassurance on what we already knew, we just didn’t believe.

But let me tell you from firsthand experience – you can have all the mentors in the world you want. You can seek out the gurus and the coaches just like myself – but EVENTUALLY you WILL have to trust yourself. Whether you’re forced into it by God/Universe or not….it WILL have to happen. So how do know the difference between the scared/fearful voice of the ego and the loving voice of your truthful spirit? It’s the same as telling the difference between when you’re mother was angry at you as a child and when she was happy for you. The feeling you get when you listen and the guidance given will be extremely different between the pair. One will make you nervous and fearful – the other will give you peace and comfort. It’s really that simple! Listen to the comforting, peaceful voice – it will never lead you astray. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust myself. I have all that I need already within me.