Are you having doubts lately? Struggling to overcome them? It really does happen to the best of us, and most of the time they don’t just disappear on there own like you’d like them to. We’ve all heard the words – believe in yourself, have some faith, dream big, persevere – but the trouble with doing that is fear, doubts, negativity.

The Devil works overtime when you’re on the path to something good – no, something grand. It doesn’t matter what your belief system is, you can call it the Devil, haters, naysayers..what have you, they’re all one in the same. When you’re trying to rise above, when you’re trying to succeed, there’s always someone trying to tear you down. It’s the hardest thing to do, but you need to rise above them.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

They’re sent to you to make you doubt, make you fear, make you question what you’re doing and the path you’re choosing to take and steer you off course. They aren’t there for anything good other than for you to strengthen your faith in yourself and overcome them. So here’s a little wisdom for you today: Ask, Believe & Receive.

It might sound broad and it might sound easy. It even might sound stupid. But here’s the thing – it’s the truth. Ask – put it out into the universe what you want; goals, dreams, aspirations. Ask for it, give it to God. Send out the positive energy and truly Believe it will happen. Believe whatever you’re hoping to conquer, overcome or succeed in, will happen. Don’t doubt it, at all. Now prepare yourself to Receive it – because you will in fact receive it if you truly believe it.

That’s the tough part though – REALLY believing you will receive what you ask for. Maybe you dream of having your business prosper and being known worldwide – or maybe you have a goal of running a marathon and actually finishing in the top 10. It could even be as silly yet realistic has hoping to overcome your daily anxiety.

Whatever your personal dreams are, you can achieve them – trust me, you can, just believe in yourself. But part of BELIEVING in yourself is putting out the good energy, the trusting energy in God, in the universe, knowing that all things are working for a greater good in your life. You know how they say “everything happens for a reason” – it does. Every single thing, the good, the bad and the ugly – past, present and future is all happening for an exact reason. To steer you on the right course, to steer you off the wrong course – to teach you a lesson, to guide you into meeting the right person.

Now, no matter what you’re going through or what road you’re on in life, remember there will be doubts, worries and fears. You will be sitting on a ship in your proverbial storm wanting to get off. But you know what happens during that “storm”? You’re going to try things you’ve never tried before during that storm – now, keep in mind, it’s all happening FOR A REASON. You’re going to ask for prayer even if you believe in nothing during that storm – because that’s what people do. You’re scared, you’re desperate – you’re stuck on this hypothetical boat sitting in the ocean during a storm. Sometimes it takes a storm to find out who we really are.

Where’s the good news in this? You are ABLE to overcome this “storm” – this battle, this struggle, these haters, and once you figure that out you will receive all that you ask for in life – but without that struggle – you wouldn’t be able to celebrate your victory! So if you’re in the “storm,” in the midst of fears and worries, look at what’s going on because there’s a lesson in there for you, and it’s there for a reason. Maybe you weren’t able to learn that lesson the easy way or the first 5 times, but either way you’re going to learn it, so pay attention during your “storm.” You’ll overcome it, you’ll get through it, you will, it might take some time but where there’s a beginning, there’s an end. So remember, ASK, Believe (even in the storm) – and you will receive any and all of your hopes and dreams.