Did you really think you needed to wait?

You know that time doesn’t really exist spiritually, right?
Like our time and God’s time are totally separate things.

Divine time is not linear time.
There aren’t minutes, hours, years.
You have all you want and need RIGHT NOW spiritually.

You just can’t see it.

Because you’re choosing not to.

Now before you get all out of sorts with me…I’ll explain:
You have limited perception.
We ALL do.

It’s the gift of being human….you can’t physically see all the unseen.

But that’s ok.
However we make it not ok. We actually complicate it a lot.
Because we think if we can’t see it it’s not happening and then you know what we do…we DOUBT it.
Do you know what DOUBT does?

Chokes up the whole process.
Like literally blocks whatever you’re trying to see.
Divine time is not linear time...
But here’s the thing…
You can’t see your breath….but you know it’s there.

You can’t PHYSICALLY SEE your money in the bank…you see a #…but you TRUST that it’s there.

You can’t see the water in the well but you trust it’ll come through the faucet when you turn it on.
You can’t always see the sun…but that doesn’t mean it disappeared.
It’s just “hidden” sometimes…behind clouds or fog.

So whatever you want right now that you can’t see…
You actually have.
Even that amount of money you are dying to have…YOU HAVE.

I’m not lying.
The only thing hindering you from seeing it in physical form is your belief that it’s not there until you see it.

So how about you just believe.
If believing is ALL you need to see it…then just believe.

When you don’t…you show God you lack trust.

And you make it f&cking hard on yourself.
You think it’s up to you to figure out how to get it in order to see it.
But you could make it easy.

Because it really is f&cking easy.

Believe it’s there like you do when you inhale.
Believe it’s there like you do when you shower.
Believe it’s there like you do when you go to the ATM.

That’s it. That’s the only thing hindering you.
And believing doesn’t take time.

It’s a simple choice.
Like how quickly you CHOOSE your coffee in the line at Starbucks.
That’s how quickly you can choose to believe right now.
The only thing hindering you from seeing it in physical form is your belief that it's not there until you see it.
Now do me a favor so we speed this sh*t up for you:

Place your hand on your heart right now.

And say these words,
“It’s my time now, I’m ready to receive. Show me the next step.”

Take a deep breath….and release.


The next thing that feels like a gut punch is your action step from God.
Take it.
Whether you read it, see it or heart it. TAKE IT.

He’s showing you the way. Think of it like the GPS telling you when the next turn is ahead….you will NOW be guided to where there is a break in the clouds to see the sun…..that you BELIEVED didn’t actually f&cking disappear. xo

Enjoy the ride.