I want you to follow your joy and I want you to recognize that IN that joy…in those joyful activities are ALL THE FEELINGS you are searching for in other people, in money, in better jobs, etc.
We withhold ourselves happiness by thinking we need to wait for it.
So we sit and sulk and cry and question ourselves into believing we are missing something because, ‘Why aren’t we happy?’
You’re not happy because you’re not ALLOWING yourself to be.
You’re not happy because you believe someTHING or someONE is going to show up and deliver that happiness.
But if you really sat down and said, “What does happiness feel like for me” I bet you would see that it already exists in your life.
We are trained to look for it in the BIG things; In the money, in the lover, in the home, the car, the ring, the friends and in everything but ourselves. You will never find it out there because you’re doing it backwards.
Your eyes are programmed to see what you already know you have.
Read it again.
If you feel you’re lacking love because you have no lover, then you believe no love exists in you. Until you recognize the love is inside of you, a million lovers could show up but you won’t see it. You will be tuned to a different channel.
If you feel you’re lacking money because you see very little in your bank account, then you believe abundance doesn’t exist inside of you. What does the money bring you? Freedom? Security? Support? Where are you experiencing freedom already in your life? Where do you already feel supported? Tune to the channel you wish to vibe with.
When you tune into the frequency that you wish to attract more of, you will attract more of it.
It’s not in some special book somewhere that you must purchase and read. The secrets aren’t contained in some wise old guru in a foreign land. This shit is simple. There’s thousands of coaches out there all telling you their special way of having the life you’ve always dreamed of.
My only goal with my words and teachings and mentoring is to show you that those answers you seek out in them, they’re ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU.
There are no 10 steps to happiness or 5 steps to freedom. There are no secrets to making six figures. We all teach it in different ways but I am here to remind you that your life and your feelings are all you need to be in touch with to see all that you’ve ever dreamed of.
You have it all.
Until you tune to that frequency, you’ll only ever see what you’re missing.
So quit trying so hard to seek and find the way to the life you’ve always dreamed of. Stop forcing and efforting ways to make money or love yourself. Just stop. Let it be easy. Let it BE EASY. Allow yourself to feel all that you want to feel right here, right now and you will see that everything you need is already within you and when the people and the things start appearing to reflect that back you’ll laugh at how fucking easy it all was.