But…what does that resolve?

Life is guaranteed to have ups and downs. We go through smoothe patches and rough patches. You have days where you feel constant love, gratitude and appreciation and then days where you can’t stand anyone or anything. It doesn’t matter WHO you are or WHO you’re with, it’s 100% guaranteed to happen, it’s part of being human and being alive. 

We learn from each other. Learning isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s frustrating. Sometimes it’s easier to stay where you’re at rather than grow.

But no matter how hard you try to stay in the same place refusing to grow and evolve…life happens. Situations and people are going to push you right out of your comfort zone until eventually you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to grow. When you have days like these. Hard days, frustrating days – days where you can’t find the love or gratitude. Days where you cannot stand anyone or anything thing (sometimes these days seem to last for weeks!).

Days where you feel like giving up. 
I know you know these kind of days…we all do.

It makes it especially difficult on these days to find any appreciation for anyone in your life or anything.

This is often where a disconnect in relationship/marriage happens. You hit a speed bump, end up in a valley and forget everything good, ONLY FOCUSING ON THE BAD.
All negative thoughts are irrational.
One wrong move and BOOM all the love goes out the window? NO….that’s not how it works, sorry!
This is our ego at work. The ego thrives on turmoil. It despises anything calm or at peace. Anything happy or prosperous. What happens when you focus on something bad? It expands. You give it power. Then as humans we actually subconsciously seek out (YES WE SEARCH FOR) more evidence to support our irrational negative thought. All negative thoughts are irrational. 

So how do you get balance in your life? How do you maintain a happy, healthy, loving relationship IN SPITE of the good days and the bad days? You seek out the good. Find your partner/friend/lover/spouse’s strengths because when you do – your attention on them amplifies them. It is law. This is scientific law baby!
When you connect back on the soul level, it is law, you will feel and experience limitless love!
When you find your partner’s strengths you will discover (rediscover) your appreciation for their soul.

You see you never lost it. You just covered it up with a foggy black cloud of sh*t you decided to make up and believe. When you connect back on the soul level, it is law, you will feel and experience limitless love! 100% GUARANTEED dolls!!!