Today…ask yourself this one question. Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of? Are you so comfortable with it that you are scared to let it go? It could be a relationship, friendship, habit, ritual, fear, emotion, etc. Sometimes we associate frustration and confusion with being in an unfamiliar place or circumstance. Don’t let the thought of “change” steal your joy. You see, you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

I had a personal run-in with this recently – as I do with most of the topics I blog about and let me tell you – even though I knew..KNEW in the back of my mind I was repeating old habits, the familiarity of doing it made me feel comfortable. As a Holistic Life Coach, I’m constantly looking to learn and grow on my own journey – which allows me to help guide you along your journey. Unlike a therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist, a Life Coach doesn’t just dish out advice, meds, statistics, data or therapies, we lead by example. I am here to guide you, teach you but also learn and grow with you. I am not above you, better than you or smarter than you. Being a Life Coach requires acknowledging that we do not know everything, we are always willing to learn, but what I do know and the wisdom I do have, I am Certified to help you tap into your own knowledge and wisdom so we can help you help yourself.

With that said, I am not in the least ashamed to admit that I have my own shortcomings that I am constantly improving upon and learning from. We need to learn to step out of our comfort zones. We need to let go of some old habits and patterns in order to grow ourselves as human beings. It’s not going to be easy – most things worthwhile are NOT easy, but I’ll tell you what, it’ll change your life and that my friends, makes it all worth it!

So…what are you holding onto that you need to let go of?