Today ask yourself this one question. Are you ignoring your intuition? What has that little voice inside your head or your heart been saying lately? Have you been paying attention or telling it to shut-up? Hindsight is always 20/20 and if you look back on situations in your life where you had a decision to make – did you go with your gut?

Learning to trust yourself is hard but necessary. We can ignore our instincts for years and years but eventually we’re going to be cornered into learning how to listen to ourselves and our intuition. Might as well start now, right? Today I want you to reflect on some hard decisions you had to make in the past. How did they turn out? Did you trust yourself enough to make the right decision? Have you found that you are relying solely on others to make decisions for you? If you are, it’s time to stop right now. If you have to hesitate on saying yes or no to something, my advice always is to do nothing. Pause and listen! You know – you ALWAYS know what the right thing to do is for your own life path. You just need to trust yourself enough to listen.