Today…ask yourself this one question. Are you living your dream? If you haven’t achieved what you had in your heart to achieve yet, then what do you have to lose? A lot of people have excuses that they mask as reasons for why they haven’t set out to achieve what they want in life. “My job now pays me well, I may not have that certainty if I leave and go do this (insert job title here).” Sure, this is true, but how will you know unless you actually go do it? I’m not by any means suggesting to make rash decisions, but what I am saying is this – you won’t know until you try.

Each of us has a purpose – some of us may have similar purposes while others have distinctly different ones. What is yours? Have you ever cared enough to find out? Are you just pacing through life just to get by or are you really doing things that mean something to you? This is important to ask ourselves because if you’re not, you will eventually (it’s basically guaranteed) reach a point in your life at some age when you stop and realize you never really did what you wanted to do.

My wish for you is that you go do what you want to do – whatever it may be. If you’re still working towards it, good for you – at least you trying. But for those reading if haven’t moved off the couch but have a lot of hopes and dreams, what exactly are you waiting for? Life is meant to be lived, not observed. Stop watching others do what they love and start taking steps towards doing what you love!