Today ask yourself this one question. What do you sometimes pretend to understand that you really don’t? Do we always need to understand? Isn’t it okay to just let some things be as they are and not try to figure them out?

Yes! More times than not our life happenings aren’t meant to be analyzed, dissected or figured out. Often they’re meant to just be allowed to happen. Take it all as it comes. Trust it’s happening for a purpose and a reason specific to you and your growth. Be wise enough to realize that we don’t need to know the final results to enjoy what’s happening right now. Live it, let it, allow it, enjoy it! 

We are designed to ask and ponder. Our minds all function like that on different levels. We want to know – we need to know! No, no no no no no – you do not NEED to know. If you are trusting this process of life – trusting that the Universe has your back – trusting that God has your best interest at hand then there should be absolutely no reason to question it. Just go with it. I promise when you let go and allow, amazing things take place. You open yourself up to miracles! Try it just once and report back – I can’t wait to hear of all the beauty that occurred!

Namaste, xo Amy