Today ask yourself this one question. Does it matter to you if people don’t like you? What do you do when other people don’t like you? Does it anger or upset you? Do you even let it phase you? The saying goes, “it’s none of your business what others think of you.” Unfortunately at times we hear about it or find out when we really didn’t want to know. But even when that occurs, it’s none of your business. Their opinion of you is their problem not yours. 

Too often we allow what others think to get to us. To stir up our emotions and make us question things about ourselves or our lives. You know your own truth. You know who you are and what you stand for. You are the only one who knows that. So why allow outside, external factors to shake your core? Stand strong in your truth. I say that a lot but it’s a powerful sentence if you think about it. When you lose your sense of self – stand strong in your truth. Remind yourself just who you are, how far you’ve come and what you stand for. 

This is your life, this is your time. This is between you and your spirit. This is between you and the Universe. This is between you and a Higher Power. You don’t need to please anyone here except for your spirit. You don’t need to worry what others think about you at all, ever. Stop comparing, stop worrying, stop questioning and just be you. Be the authentic you that you are. Be the you that you love. Be the you that you are proud of! When you live your real, authentic truth, the people that belong in your life – that support you, love you, appreciate and respect you – they will flock to your side. You will know who they are. You will know the difference.