An important message that stuck with me this week is that you should never do kind things for anyone and expect to be recognized for it. Sure it’s nice to be appreciated or recognized, but don’t we all remember that little saying, “expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed” – this holds true to life in general.

Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed.

A lot of people get frustrated when they do something, anything and someone else tries to steal the credit for it – or worse, make others believe they did more than they actually did. Know in your heart what the truth is, because eventually the truth will reveal itself.

If you haven’t learned to not sweat the small stuff in life yet, this is a crucial part of that process. Do good for others, as you would want done for you and don’t do it for the “thank-you” or the gift  – do it because you know it was upon your heart to do exactly what you did and one day everything will come full circle and you will receive that recognition in a special way, when you least expect it.