This morning your daily affirmation was about pursuing your dreams. I could have went on for miles, but I thought I’d hold off and provide you more incite in a separate blog. With that said, if you missed Saturday’s Daily Affirmation, go here and read it first and then come right back here for more!

Those questions in your head asking you how you’re going to succeed? – where’s the money going to come from? – will it all work out for me? – are only discouraging you from making a rational decision. You might think I’m wrong and that by asking these questions you can reach a logical conclusion to decide on how to pursue your future, but that just isn’t the case. You see, all those questions speeding through your head, that’s fear. We could also classify them as worry and doubt.

When you allow fear and doubt to overtake your internal passion, you’re letting it win. We were not given the spirit of fear – so by listening to it, you’re denying yourself from living the life you were meant to live. Stop overthinking it – that voice inside of you is talking and you need to listen up. It’s guiding you down the right path. Somethings we take a lot of alternate routes to get to the right path and that’s okay, because we’re being taught important lessons that will prepare us for our journey down the right one.

Trust the process – enjoy it! Once you reach your destination you’re going to turn around and realize how everything came full circle and more importantly..WHY everything happened the way it did. Trust me, it’s never too late to stop and start heading in a different direction. Follow your happiness, listen to your intuition and believe in yourself! The most important thing isn’t when you decide to follow your dreams, it’s simply that you do.

Are you following your dreams? Share them with us below.