Your body immediately wants to tense up, close off and shut down when encountering something fearful. They say when you’re scared of something you should relax. When I was very young I was afraid of dogs. I know, crazy considering I work with animals now and love them. But I was terrified of dogs – especially big dogs. My friends’ parents would even go as far as putting the dogs away in another room when I went to their house because I was that scared. My dad always told me that animals sense fear. They feel your energy so if you are scared and you act scared they will feel that. 

I could go into so many examples that have happened to prove that statement true but I’ll just give you one. During a summer trip decades ago to my grandmother’s house in Cape Cod, I had an encounter with two Rottweilers who lived across the street. My sister and I were playing out in my grandmother’s driveway and suddenly we look up to see these two Rottweilers coming full force right at their fence, leap over it and come straight for us. My dad was outside and he told us to just stand still and stay calm. We didn’t listen (obviously!), we both looked at each other, turned toward the house and ran straight for the door. UNFORTUNATELY the door was locked (thanks gma – or should I say thanks God for teaching us a lesson!). We panicked and banged on it trying to get someone to let us in. As we filled ourselves with panic and fear, the dogs got closer and closer. Then the dogs stopped, looked at us like we were out of our minds and just at that moment someone opened the door and we got inside.

My dad stood in the driveway the entire time perfectly calm and began laughing at us. The dogs never went anywhere near him. They didn’t bother with him at all – WHY? Because he was calm. Why? Because he didn’t let fear get the best of him like my sister and I did. The dogs chased us though – WHY? Because we were sh*t scared and ran from them. Because we were terrified at what MIGHT happen, rather than just remaining calm and seeing what happened.

Do you see where I’m headed here? Life is scary sometimes. People can be scary, situations, jobs, friendships and relationships. Love is scary. But guess what – NOT REALLY! Fear is not real. We created fear. We really have nothing to fear. So why do we “think” all these things are scary and fearful? Because the unknown can be a little intimidating sometimes. But when we create fear, we actually create fearful situations. What we think, we create. If we focus on what ‘scares’ us, we will end up in situations like these.

Ride that wave whether it's smooth or bumpy

So here’s my advice to you: RELAX! Let go, stay calm and just be. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Why ruin the good that comes our way because you’re scared of what could go wrong? Why not just roll with the punches? The Universe has your back…ALWAYS – so just ride that wave and whether it’s a smooth ride or a bumpy one at times, ride it because it’s going to be okay. We are not meant to live in fear. We are meant to love – give love, receive love, that’s it. Love in everything you do, everywhere you go, everyone you meet. You can’t love if you fear and between the two, I’d always choose love if I were you! Trust me on that – fear is only going to hold you back, disappoint you and let you down (because it’s not even real!).

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“Stay mindful of the present moment because in that moment is where you’ll find peace. When your body is at peace, you have all the answers you need at your fingertips.”

– Amy L. Fiedler, CHLC