Living in the moment is a beautiful thing to do, but not if you’re being careless towards your actions. We need to live for today because we’re never promised tomorrow – but being in the moment does not mean not exuding kindness, generosity and love.

You’ll hear a lot of people say that phrase “living in the moment” as an excuse to not be accountable or hold responsibilities in their lives. There is a happy medium here though – we can live for today and cherish each and every moment for the beautiful gift it is all the while being true to ourselves, expressing gratitude and grace and spreading kindness and joy.

All we have is now! Live it, love it, spread it. It could all be gone in a flash of a second. Today is a gift, your breath is a gift, your sight is a gift – everything you saw, spoke and took in today is a gift. Treat it with the gratitude it deserves, because it’s a precious, priceless gift!