It’s time my loves to begin making peace with those grueling lessons you’ve been hard at work learning these past few weeks during Mercury Retrograde. Easier said than done sometimes, I am sure but the first step is recognizing that you have grown. You have made progress forward by addressing your fears and pain. The Universe allows us to “feel” pain so we know it’s time to grow. These are growing pains my friends and growing pains are merely temporary. They will not (I promise) last forever UNLESS you choose to hold onto the pain from the growth.

So it’s time to make peace and let go. Whatever it is you’ve been going through, holding on to, attempting to release – make peace with it. Accept it just as it is, just as it should be. Don’t analyze it, don’t judge it, don’t label it – just accept it and acknowledge that it showed up with a purpose and if you haven’t realized WHAT that purpose is yet, by the 25th, it’ll become clear! #FoodforThought