There are times in life where we get wrapped up in so much other ‘stuff’ that we lose a little bit of our own reality. What do I mean by that exactly? It’s not a “practice what you preach” situation, it’s a, don’t let the world get the best of you type of situation! Don’t let the external going-on’s alter how you operate internally. I don’t care how solid you are in your foundation, beliefs, practice or how balanced you are in your life – you ARE (it’s guaranteed) going to have moments where you internally get knocked around a little. These moments are the BEST moments to pause and remind yourself of who you are. Remind yourself how powerful you are, beautiful you are, amazing, talented, special, unique, wonderful YOU ARE.

Don't let the external going-on's

These moments are meant for us to draw upon our own power to grow a little bit stronger into our true and authentic spirit. If you’re solid in your foundation then you will recognize these moments as they come and what might have taken you days or weeks to gather yourself and get a grasp on things now takes you minutes or hours. It’s okay though if you don’t recognize them. It’s okay if you aren’t ‘there’ quite yet. I was once not ‘there’ and it once took me weeks or longer to get a hold of myself when my spirit got shaken up. But now I’m wise and grounded enough to catch them as they come and pinpoint when I need to alter my own perception or change my thoughts. Regardless of ‘how long‘ it might take you to snap back into reality, the one thing you need to remember is to stay true to you. Stay true to your heart, your character, your beliefs and do not let any situation/person shake that structure. Those who are meant to be around, will stay around – those who are meant to leave, will leave. These are the happenings of life and there is such comfort in knowing that you will be taken care of, you just need to be who you are. #FoodForThought