You really are! Use that power to light up this world. Stop thinking your power relies on how much you have. Stop believing the false mentality that power = money, power = fame, or power = your job title. Power lies within us all. We all have equal power. We are holistically connected to this Universe and it is your choice whether you want to accept that or not. It doesn’t change the truth though.

The truth is that once you tap into that power that is just stirring inside of your soul, amazing things happen. I’m not just picking any adjective as a space-filler either – when I say AMAZING, I legitimately mean AMAZING! As in mind-blowing, spectacular, incredible sh*t happens that you could only dream of. I’ve seen it firsthand and it’s…well it’s amazing. 

So many people choose to live complacent and see life as an endless struggle. They often don’t believe any good is meant to happen here.

This is soooo not true!


“Life is beautiful and full of infinite possibility.” – Amy L. Fiedler

-Life is beautiful and full of infinite

I used to think the same way – that we were just supposed to work hard, struggle to pay bills and die. Climb that corporate ladder until you retire. I never followed that path but I had people around me pushing me towards it. I always took the unconventional, nontraditional route. There was something inside of me that just kept saying, “That’s not right. There’s got to be a better way.” This complacent mentality is a lie our humanly ego has created. The truth is we are abundant spiritual creatures that have access to a giant vault of endless power and love and peace and abundance – you just need to open your eyes and see it!

It is my purpose to share my light and help those who choose otherwise – who choose to see sadness and negativity, who choose to see struggle and misery. It is my purpose to help them to see their light as well. That light is within and once you see it, the blessings don’t stop flowing to you! I’m living proof!

Here’s the thing though – so many WANT to see it and tap into it but they’re scared. I’m going to keep it real – it’s not easy. It doesn’t mean everything is going to go the way you WANT – but it does mean that you are connected and protected and everything is happening for YOUR highest good. It means that you will always ALWAYS always be provided for. Your NEEDS will always be met and all your desires can and will come into fruition as long as you keep sharing and spreading the light. Giving and receiving – that’s the cycle of life, the cycle of change, the Universal cycle of manifestation and abundance. 

Send me a little note right now and tell me what YOU’RE personally struggling with. I want to help you open up the vault in your life to infinite bliss!

Title it: “I WANT BLISS”

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The Amy L. Fiedler Way Amy L. Fiedler is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Ordained Minister and Reiki Master of Natural Healing. She is the founder and head guru of Winky Boo ® Lifestyle + Life Coaching. Amy guides clients through one-on-one transformational sessions helping you move from fear to love by breaking through your blocks to co-create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Amy uses a holistic method guiding and teaching you with what she calls “practical spirituality” for the spiritual, non-spiritual or even the anti self-help folks. Her intuitive and practical approach gives you honest and authentic advice with simple ways to radically change your life.