Life is funny in the sense that no matter what is happening in the world or in our personal lives, life keeps going. You can’t hit pause and God knows some of us wish we could hit rewind, but unfortunately we’re strictly stuck on the play button.

In order to survive this never-ending cycle that at times feels like it’s on fast-forward, you need to step back, distance yourself from everything and just be. Connecting with yourself is the best way to survive. Learning about yourself is the only way to really figure out your life purpose. I hear so often people saying “I just don’t know what to do next.” No one can tell you what you ‘should’ be doing or even what you’re ‘meant to do.’ Yes, there are people like myself, a Life Coach, who can guide you and provide you with the tools to find your way – but in the end, you need to do the work.

You see we’re placed here on this Earth but we have free will. That free will allows for us to decide what route on the map of life we want to take. There are several routes mapped out already, but we have the freedom to choose and if we choose one, we also have the freedom to switch halfway through, take a short-cut or even the scenic tour. This is all up to you and if you do not know who you are, what you like, what you’re passionate about or what you’re striving to become – how on Earth would you even begin choosing? It would be pretty difficult.

That’s why stepping back away from the chaos of our daily lives – distancing ourselves from everything and just being still with yourself is how God and the Universe are able to connect with you and guide you. You will find so much peace from this. You can meditate or even just sit in silence and allow all your thoughts to leave your mind. You don’t need to know how to do some fancy sort of meditation – although there are websites that help you through guided meditation to get started. A Life Coach like myself can also help you through guided meditation. But if you’re not interested, you can just sit and be with yourself and your thoughts.

The problem today is that a lot of people don’t like being alone. That’s such a huge problem. You are not a loner or even a hermit for that matter because you are able to spend time with yourself. If you enjoy your company then others will. But if you don’t like being alone with yourself, there’s a bigger lesson in that – that means deep down you don’t actually like yourself – or maybe there’s some parts of you that you just aren’t that fond of. You mask it by constantly surrounding yourself with others. You might be the life of the party when you’re out, but when you come home by yourself, you immediately are looking for somewhere to go, something to do or someone to see. If this is you, start by taking 1 day a week for yourself. It could be 10 minutes of that one day or a few hours – or even the entire day. Do things for you. Learn about you. Learn who you are and what you love. Build a relationship with yourself. Personal growth is so important because it’s the primary foundation for growth in all aspects of our life – from career to love and relationships, health, friendships, etc. None of these can grow to reach our highest potential and true happiness if deep down we don’t know ourselves.