Peace. We all crave it and for a lot of us it’s hard to obtain. Once we get it, it’s hard to keep it. We were gifted with peace the moment we were born, it’s ours for the keeping. But this is how negativity works – it sees something good and it latches on. Just like it sees something bad and it latches on. It tries to bring down what’s already down and wants to destroy what is good.

Spiritual battles seep into reality far more than most want to acknowledge. We’re fighting battles everyday – be it in our minds or hearts – you might not be able to see them, but they’re happening. If you aren’t directly involved, then it’s God, Spirit or your Angels reminding you that they are armored up and on the battlefield for you. Yes, they all fight on your behalf. But we need to help out too and the way we do that is first understanding what is happening and then not allowing it to attack us. Remember when your mother told you not to touch the pot on the stove because it was hot. But you didn’t believe her and you touched it any way ‘just to be sure,’ and got burned. You can’t do that in the spiritual realm – trust me, if you feel like you’re losing your peace just when you begin to get happy and you feel like suddenly everyone’s out to get you, attack you, bring you down – it’s not really them – it’s a negative spirit.

That negative spirit picked someone you would be vulnerable to to get to you. To convince you that happiness isn’t real. To convince you that for the rest of your life you’re going to need to be miserable. The Devil is a liar. Once you accept this and understand it, you will recognize it happening and be able to not feed into it. That’s all it wants – one question in your mind, “is that true,” “am I really worthless,” “does he really not like me for me,” “am I really going nowhere in life.” Yes, that’s all it takes. One sign from you that you might believe what negativity has to say and there goes your peace. It’s gone quicker then you realize it. So today, read this, understand it and acknowledge that negativity wants to steal your peace, but it belongs to you and the way you keep it safe is by never questioning it’s existence. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I will stay at peace in times of trouble and triumph.