Intuition is a wonderful and powerful tool that we all have within us. Some are more sensitive to it (more intuitive) while others tend to ignore it. Never ignore that voice inside you – it only speaks when you really need to listen. Sometimes people sweep it to the side because they know it’s right, but they aren’t ready to face the reality of what it’s telling you. Others rely so heavily on their intuition that they’re susceptible to letting negativity sneak in – thus confusing you.

Don’t ever let the voice of Fear speak louder than the Truth – especially in your spirit. How do you tell the difference? As long as you’re in a mindset of peace (sometimes that can mean vulnerability ie: being sick, worn out, tired, you’ve had enough – just can’t take it anymore type of attitude…you’ve given up) – then the Truth will speak up! Fear speaks when your nervous, negative, anxious, angry, etc, etc, etc. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I will let my truth speak for me and guide my steps. Fear no longer hinders my life.