Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You don’t attract anything positive putting out that energy, all you do is negate what good things are meant to happen. You also push away everything you’ve been striving to become. Consider this – it’s simple mathematics, a negative + a negative always = a negative. A negative + a positive = a negative IF the positive number is less than the negative number. (ie: -4 + 3 = -1 BUT -4 + 5 = 1 )

So what exactly does this mean and how does this apply to your life? Simple – your positives need to outweigh your negatives. All the time – no buts about it, you need to fight through the negative, stop feeling sorry for yourself and keep affirming all these wonderfully positive things about yourself and your life. Eventually those negative thoughts will fade so far into the distance you’ll forget they were once front and center in your life. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I will stay positive no matter what. Negativity will not consume me.