We all have the habit of repeating the same negative mantras to ourselves daily. We all have different things that we think, feel and believe about ourselves and our lives. The problem is that the more we continue to repeat these things in our minds, the more evidence we seek out to prove they’re true. But what if you were to change the negative to a positive? What if you decided to take that ‘thing’ you continue to tell yourself and flip it into the opposite? For example: “I am the worst person to talk to in the morning.” – – – > New Reality: “I am the best person to talk to in the morning.”

It has already been proven over and over that our thoughts are what create our realities. The thoughts you continually tell yourself in your mind everyday, all day are what you not only end up believing, but you train yourself to look for evidence to prove that statement true over and over again. Why not train your mind to look for something different? Why not start confidently stating the opposite of every negative falsehood you tell yourself? Why not just see what happens? I could tell you what happens, but that’d ruin the fun of writing these posts, now wouldn’t it! Give it a go, you’ve got something on your mind as you’re reading this – I know you do. Take that sentence and now tell yourself the opposite of it. Every time that phrase pops into your mind, tell yourself the opposite of what you normally say. Report back by Sunday (that’s your deadline!) and let me know what unfolded! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am rewriting my reality with positive truthful statement

Winky Boo Affirmations

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