This is becoming a consistent topic with my clients so I felt it important to address in an affirmation. God is not going to give what belongs to you to someone else. Yes, we make our own choices and have free will and that might alter the route to our divine destiny but it won’t change the ending. What’s meant to be will be. If something’s going to happen it’ll happen regardless of whether you’re worrying about it or not. 

Worrying is something we all do. It’s a human emotion and the majority of us can’t help it because as humans we want and cling to some form of control. When we sense we’re losing control we worry. But the funny thing about worrying is it doesn’t change anything and it only makes the waiting process longer and more dreadful. Worrying makes us miserable. What if you could live in peace when something wasn’t going the way you wanted it to? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? You can – trust me, you can! I never thought it was possible either – but I’m not going to lie, I too, do worry. Yes, even Life Coaches worry. Sure, not as much as I used to – actually significantly less than I used to but I do catch myself at times. The thing is though that you can either let worry take over you or you can take charge of worrying.

That’s the trick. If you can control the ‘worry’ in your brain then you can be in peace even in times of trial and tribulation. How exactly do you control it? I could probably write pages about that and maybe will in the coming days but the short version is to RECOGNIZE that it’s there. You see, worry doesn’t knock on your door and allow you the respect of looking through the peephole. Worry comes in – yup, just walks right in. Sometimes worry is in disguise as the ‘solution’. Sometimes worry can convince you that it has all the answers. Don’t believe it! Recognize it’s there and demand that it leave. That’s all. Ask for peace and when you ask, you shall receive. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I refuse to worry.