The events in your life are happening in the order in which they’re happening for a reason. There’s a purpose for it all. I know you don’t always believe that, you may not even believe that right now as you are reading this – but it’s true. Everything happens the moment we are ready. I don’t mean mentally ready. I mean spiritually ready. We have to go through sh*t sometimes to learn a lesson. To realize something. To understand something. To meet someone.

When you look back on your life at this present moment I’m sure you can vouch for the above as you go through some of the significant and what may seem insignificant events in your life. You’ll begin to realize how the pieces fit together. How the situations add up and in some crazy miraculous way all make sense. Find comfort in knowing that whatever it is you are going through in this current moment, whatever is on your mind, whatever you might be dealing with or struggling with – there’s a specific reason for it. You will know the reason one day, this I can promise you. But until it’s revealed to you, just ride the wave of your life trusting that it’s all taking place to help you – never to harm you. Sometimes it may feel like it’s hurting us, but you will understand later that it was never meant for that purpose. That there was a greater purpose to that event. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am comforted knowing that everything happening is for my benefit.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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