Questioning life’s happenings is something that comes fairly easy to us humans. We ask why and when and what if. We ask how and where. We inquire about all the major “W”‘s and does it really get us anywhere? No, it doesn’t.

Whatever happened to trust? Why don’t we just allow everything to be the way it is? Why do we struggle to accept that everything happening is supposed to happen? Because we believe our ego’s lies, that’s why. We believe that we’re separate from our spirit and we have to do this thing called “life” all on our own. So we begin to doubt and question everything. We begin to wonder, “What if I did this instead of this…what would have happened.” Listen darling – we do have free will, but life is happening FOR us..not to us. The events that take place are helping to align you with your destiny. They’re setting you up and placing you in the right position to reap your harvest, to receive your blessing! So stop questioning and just allow what’s happening to happen. Leave the W’s up to the Universe and just ride the wave. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am leaving the how and the when up to the Universe.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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