The energy right now has really been pushing emotions out into the open. Having you reassess and revisit old fears you haven’t quite healed yet. This is what Mercury Retrograde does. It’s easy to get upset and frustrated but the only way we’re going to remove that fear once and for all and not have it keep popping it’s ugly head up is to look it right in the face and feel those feelings it brings out.

When you FEEL the fear, you can then dive deep into your soul and examine WHY you are feeling the way you are feeling. I’ve been experiencing the same energy. I’ve had to look my own fears right in the face and do the work necessary so I can advance along my own journey as well. None of us are void of having to do the inside work to see the changes in our life. 

We could so easily point the finger and blame others for us feeling the way we are feeling – but the truth is the only way we heal is by fixing everything internal first. It then expands outward into our life and relationships. So whatever is being brought up for you lately. Whatever emotions are stirring around in your heart and mind – pause and observe them. Really take the time to feel them and ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” You can then ask your higher self to help you see this situation from a high point of love. This helps you eliminate the illusions your ego has created. This helps remove the thought of separation from your mind. It helps you see the picture clearly – for what it is. When we eliminate blame and judgment and look within ourselves, we will always find the truth. The truth is there, waiting to be revealed the whole time. But you can only access it when you stop, feel and observe. If you need help with this, please comment below or send me a quick email ( and I’ll be happy to provide you with some quick tips to uncloud your truth and work through whatever it is you’re going through. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am doing the inside work necessary to expand my external experience.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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