You have all the answers you already need, did you know that? I know it sounds totally crazy but it’s true! Sometimes when you find yourself in a frenzy, all you need to do is step aside and observe your thoughts. Instead of panicking more or even acting on them – just observe. 

When you observe your thoughts you can identify the point at which the error was created. What do I mean by that? I mean the point at which you decided to side with your ego (fear) over your spirit (love, peace, truth). It happens to all of us, even myself, so don’t worry – but it’s very easy to fall into an ego-trap when you become fearful of your own mind.

Let’s say something didn’t go as you had planned. So of course you get upset or frustrated as most humans do. Instead of allowing your emotions to spiral out of control and letting yourself get even MORE upset (which we all have done on more than a few occasions) – why not pause for a moment, let the thoughts continue rambling, let your body run through the emotions and you just listen. When you start actually listening it begins to not make sense. That’s when you begin to question the thoughts. You begin asking yourself things like, “Why did I even think that?” or “That’s ridiculous that I would react that way.” And just like that you’ve identified your ego at work. Now that you’ve put your finger on the problem, you can gently work to flip it. Don’t overwhelm yourself, the first thing you need to do to shut that ego up is literally reverse the thoughts. Start saying the exact opposite of what your ego is trying to convince you of. Before you know it, the more you focus on the positive, the more the positive starts to flow. Stay dedicated to pausing, observing, identifying and flipping and before you know it the ego will become very silent in your mind. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I hold the power to silence my fearful mind by dedicating myself to truth.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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