The concept of time is irrelevant when you view it spiritually. Our idea of time completely construes what the saying “God’s time” or “divine timing” really means. Divine timing or God’s time is spiritual time. That has nothing to do with minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years. It’s understood in spiritual lessons. Once our spirit has learned a lesson, we move on to the next lesson. This is spiritual time. Example: You wonder…what am I meant to be when I grow up? You take several different pathways, experiencing many different things, maybe getting a lot of different schooling from the time you first ponder that question. You may be on or along the same journey that you’ll end up on but until you LEARN certain things, you might not be able to SEE the answer to that initial question. Make sense?

A basic understanding is that we are spiritual creatures having an Earthly experience – not the other way around. Truth is in spirit. Our bodies are just a shell for our spirit. Our spirit is what is learning, our spirit is what is growing.

I will use myself as an example: I would not be where I am or be able to do what I do had I not experienced every single thing I experienced prior to right now. I would not be able to be a Life Coach and help people every day, had I not gone through or learned certain lessons along my journey to bring me to this point in time right now. I would not have been able to be a Life Coach 3 years ago. I hadn’t learned what I needed to learn along my journey yet. I might have been wondering 3 years ago, what am I meant to do with the rest of my life? Truthfully, it was the obvious thing staring me in the face the entire time (it usually is). I could have prayed and asked for it to be revealed to me right then and there and as a matter of fact I did – BUT it wouldn’t have mattered because of spiritual timing. My physical sight was not seeing the full picture and it wasn’t going to until my spirit was on the level it needed to be to VIEW the picture. My physical mind was losing it’s patience. My physical body was frustrated because enough is enough. None of the physical matters when it comes to timing. Each day we are being taught something new to advance us spiritually. You don’t need to be “spiritual” or even “believe” in spirit or anything for that matter – it’s still happening. Spiritual does not mean religion, spiritual means understanding of one-self – of one’s spirit. 

So what is my point? We easily get frustrated with life, jobs, relationships, money, etc. We think we’ve experienced it all and it’s OUR time to be blessed in these areas of life. Trust me, I’ve been there! That’s the physical talking. But I want you to look at life with your spiritual sight and understand that even when you feel like you’ve just about had enough – even when you think you’ve seen or done it all. EVEN when you think you can’t take anymore – be patient. Easier said than done, right? UNDERSTAND that it’s happening for a reason. It’s happening to teach you something. It’ll keep happening and your blessings will keep getting delayed (trust me, I’ve been there too!) until you open your eyes to the lesson and accept to learn it. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I will look for the lesson

Winky Boo Affirmations

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