Have you ever found yourself looking at what others have and wishing you had it? Have you ever felt like you didn’t have it all because what you had was different than someone else? I’m not even going to continue because I know the answers to all of these questions are yes! Everyone has compared themselves at one point in time in their life. We don’t always like to admit we have, but we all have done it on some occasion – even myself.

How to eliminate jealousy.

In fact, I’ll use myself as the example – I used to compare ALL the time. That was my life. I would sit and compare and make myself feel like I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough or worthy enough because I didn’t have what so-and-so had. It wasn’t until I examined those irrational thoughts and realized that they will never have what I have and I will never have what they had – mainly because there are certain things/people/experiences meant for just ME and certain things/people/experiences meant for just them.

What’s meant for me is special and unique and made exactly the way I NEED IT.
The things meant for them are just that in the same – specifically made the way they need it.

Comparing is just a nicer way of saying “jealous”. Envy would be another word to describe all of this nonsense and I’m here today to tell you that jealousy is our ego’s way of creating separation. The ego wants us to think other’s are better, wiser, richer, prettier.

It wants us to think that there’s a YOU and there’s a THEM.

Guess what? You may be in separate bodies, living separate experiences but you are connected at your core. We all come from the same divine place and at our heart center we are pure love and light.

Sound corny to you? It’s not though. What emotions does jealous lead to? Nothing peaceful right? Nope! You don’t find peace in looking at someone else and saying, “I don’t have that,” or “That’s nicer than what I have,” or “She’s prettier than I am.”

What jealousy does is make us feel upset. It makes us anxious or nervous. Perhaps you’re in a relationship and you look at the girls/guys when you enter a restaurant with your significant other or you check out the people they follow or like on social media. You start irrationally comparing. “Well they follow so-and-so and they are MUCH prettier than I am, so they must not like me anymore.” Or you sit down to eat your dinner and glance over at the table across the way and observe their outfits or interactions or maybe just how they carry themselves or do their hair. Then you examine yourself.

Do you realize what this does to a relationship? It creates separation. You exude an energy as you compare that tells your partner “I don’t feel good enough”. Then your ego-mind starts looking for REASONS from your partner to PROVE your theory of not being good enough. Perhaps they text you the way they always do and suddenly you start analyzing it. You read it differently because you aren’t thinking with your right-mind – that calm peaceful place from spirit. You’re thinking with your ego – whose main purpose is to wreck havoc in your life.

Maybe you’re single and you go out on a date or with friends and find yourself comparing – do you know what this does? You give off the energy that you aren’t whole. You send out a vibe that tells everyone around you, “I don’t have love for me.” How can someone else develop feelings and fall in love with you when you don’t even love you?

The first relationship that sets the standard for all relationships to follow is the one you have with yourself.

So how do we fix this jealous issue?
How do we eliminate jealousy all together?

The first relationship that sets the standard for ALL relationships to follow is the one you have with yourself. The way you talk to yourself. The way you treat yourself. The way you feel about yourself. That is all reflected outward in the form of energy into the world. You then magnetize to you that same frequency.

When you look for reasons to be unhappy, you are going to find them. When you search for things that will piss you off, you lose your appreciation for what you already have. Take a moment to look at what you already have – whether you’re single OR in a relationship. Then ask yourself: What do I love about this? What am I grateful for? If this was all gone tomorrow what would I miss the most? Write them down if necessary. Make a gratitude list of everything you appreciate about your life and yourself if you’re single or what you appreciate about yourself and your partner and relationship if you’re not single.

Today’s #LovingTip on my Facebook page was by Abraham-Hicks:

“Feel appreciation for what is and eagerness for what is coming.” – Abraham-Hicks

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