Have you ever caught yourself telling yourself a lie? Have you ever found yourself looking at someone or something and assuming? Have you EVER created your own soap opera in your head? Come on…you know the kind – where you’ve observed something and the assumptions spiraled out of control. There was a soft voice inside of you saying, “Oh that’s ridiculous” but it was muffled by the harsher voice convincing you that you need to stop living in your fairytale because this is reality.

Don’t be shy…have you?

How to overcome illusion

I used to ALL the time. I know plenty of people who have – in fact I work with a lot of clients who struggle with this very problem. We create illusions in our minds and then we believe them. We give ourselves anxiety and panic attacks and continue to seek out more and more evidence to support our unfounded, absurd beliefs. We become the stars of our very own self-created soap operas except there’s one tiny problem – all the other actors on the stage, aren’t even aware they’re part of the show!

No…you’re not crazy. Don’t even think about calling yourself that. You are merely living through your ego.

It’s destructive, it’s creative, convincing, menacing, nerve-wracking – should I even continue? It goes to great lengths to keep you at arms-length from peace. It can’t survive in a peaceful environment. So it gets super creative, taps into your inner fears and helps you get knee-deep in illusion and panic.

Listen, this was the only way I knew how to live for a very long time. But let me tell you from first-hand experience – it’s a choice (yes, it really is) and you can choose again at anytime you want.

So how do we do that? How do we overcome the illusions?

1. Call them out!

Call the ego on it’s bullsh*t. Yes, just like the card game – yell bullsh*t (not out loud…..or I can’t defend the fact that you aren’t crazy!).

Say it in your mind – recognize the lie the minute it begins to take root. You’ll know it’s a lie because it makes you feel totally uneasy. It gives you pure anxiety and fear. Anything that is from spirit and is truthful is not going to inflict those emotions on you. Spirit provokes an accepting calm stance. That means whether something goes YOUR way or NOT – you will still be peaceful within.

2. Laugh it off!

Yes…laugh at yourself! Lighten up because it’s never as serious as you’re making it. You are ebbing and flowing constantly – which is GOOD because that means you are growing and healing. If you weren’t doing any of that, you’d be dead. Harsh? No, that’s the truth.

So if you feel like you’ve taken three steps forward and two steps back, remember that you will step forward again and laugh about it. You’re doing a little dance with this thing called life – you are not battling or just trying to survive. Make it a little bit easier by lightening up and letting sh*t roll right off your back. When you’re living through your ego-mind everything feels like it’s the end of the world. BUT IT’S NOT!

Chill out, breathe, take a load off and relax. Do your tango, make a joke when you miss a step and then keep it moving. I competitively danced for more than half my life and the one huge thing I still carry with me to this day is if you mess up during a competition, just keep going. Smile and keep going. Don’t stop and freak out! Then you draw attention to yourself. Just brush it off and smile.

Laugh at yourself. Lighten up. It's never as serious as you're making it.

3. Get clear!

Reach for clarity. What exactly does that even mean? Well once you’ve called out the lie and laughed that you caught it, now it’s time to think the thoughts that you DO want to see and experience in your life. This is very important because if you don’t know what you want, then sifting through the thoughts or lies you think about is going to be a much harder job.

Get clear. Focus on what you do want. What you focus on, expands. What you think about, you create. What you choose to perceive is exactly what will be your reality. So instead of dwelling and allowing your irrational thoughts to get the best of you – (even if you don’t see this is your reality yet) start thinking of what it is you DO want in your life. Think about it, feel how it would feel if you already had what you wanted.

This is the key to creating the situations and relationships that you do desire in your life. Get clear on what it is and then when you focus on those thoughts feel good knowing that whatever’s in your best interest will come to fruition. You are fully supported by this gigantic Universe (God, if you will or whatever name you choose to call it). It has your back! It wants what is best for you. Feel good, feel at ease and know that once you shoot that rocket of desire out there, it’s taken care of so just relax, because it’ll happen when it’s the right time! 

What you choose to perceive is exactly what will be your reality.

I hope this article served you. If it did, please leave a comment and share with your friends!

Lots of Love,


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